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Physical activity is ranked second only to tobacco control in being the most important factor in health promotion and disease prevention in Australia.

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Australian Institute of Health & Welfare
Australia’s national agency for health and welfare statistics and information.

Better Health Channel
Established in May 1999 by the Victorian Government; provides online health and medical information to improve the health and wellbeing of the Victorian community.

The Campbell Collaboration
Provides systematic reviews on interventions to better inform service providers, policy-makers, educators, researchers and the general public.

Cochrane Public Health Field Review Group
Increases the quantity and quality of systematic reviews of health promotion and public health interventions.

Department of Health - Victorian Government Health Promotion
Gateway to health promotion activities within the Department of Human Services and other key health promotion resources. Includes an outline of how DHS supports integrated health promotion in Victoria.

Department of Health - Community Health
These state-wide agencies report to DHS on matters relating to health promotion.

Department of Health - Environments for Health
A framework for planning that considers factors such as the impact on health, social, economic and natural environments. 

Department of Health - Mental Health Promotion (MHpro)
The Mental Health Promotion online network, MHpro, brings together people who deliver, research, or evaluate mental health promotion. MHpro provides an interactive opportunity to share information and ideas, coordinate activity, and promote upcoming events.

Department of Health - Primary Care Partnerships
The Victorian State Government has funded 31 Primary Care Partnerships across different regions in Victoria, which aims to provide better health and wellbeing for each community.

Department of Health - Health Status of Victorians
High quality information about the health of the Victorian population.

Department of Health - Victorian Government Public Health
Access point to public health related information on the Victorian Government Health Information website.

Department of Health - Victorian Population Health Survey
Established in 1998 to provide state and regional information about the health of Victorians and determinants of that health.

Tobacco Act 1987
VicHealth was established with a tax on tobacco, pledged as part of the Victorian Tobacco Act of that year.

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Health promotion – Australia

ACT Health Promotion
Online information, resources and support for health promotion workers and all people involved in health promotion practice in the Australian Capital Territory.

ACT Health Promotion Board (formerly Healthpact)   

Australian Health Promotion Association
Home to the Health Promotion Journal of Australia (HPJA).
Professional association specifically for people interested or involved in the practice, research and study of health promotion.

Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation (Healthway)
Established in 1991 under the Tobacco Control Act 1990. It provides grants to health and research organisations as well as sponsorships to sport, arts, racing and community groups which encourage healthy lifestyles and advance health promotion programs.   

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Health promotion – Indigenous

Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Knowledge Network
Access to the latest information in Indigenous health including employment, skills and educational development opportunities; conferences and publications 

Health promotion – International

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