Promoting healthy eating

Our 10-year goal: More Victorians adopt a healthy diet

Our three-year priority: More people choosing water and healthy food options

Most Australians have enough to eat and recognise the importance of a good diet for health. But we aren’t eating the right foods. Energy dense but nutrient-poor foods contribute over one-third of the total daily energy intake of contemporary Australians, and only one in 10 adults meet the recommended minimum daily intake for vegetables. As a result, one in four Victorian adults are now obese.

Poor nutrition accounts for around one-sixth of the total burden of disease and costs Victoria between $1.25 and $4.15 billion every year. While the well-educated and those on higher incomes have relatively better diets, those from disadvantaged backgrounds bear the greatest part of the burden of poor nutrition.

Enjoying the benefits of a better diet is not just down to individual choice and willpower. The environment in which we live influences our diet, from the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables, the choice to drink water instead of other less healthy options, to time pressures and cultural norms. All too often the healthy food choice is not the easiest choice.

VicHealth takes a broad approach to the issue by investigating the barriers that prevent people from accessing nutritious food for healthy eating.


Chris Ryan: Victorian Food Supply Scenarios