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Social connection and being engaged in group and civic activities are intrinsic to mental health and wellbeing.


MOTION program

VicHealth’s MOTION program focuses on creative community interventions which increase physical activity and social connection.

It’s all about improving people’s health by giving them opportunities to get creative, physically active and involved in their local community through the arts. VicHealth has a longstanding commitment to supporting Victorians to get actively involved in the arts and MOTION is an exciting program that continues to build on this commitment.

The projects are designed to inspire people who may not usually see that they could get involved in physical activity to join in by providing fun, welcoming arts activity that will bring people together to connect and have fun. VicHealth wants more people to be physically active throughout their lives and these projects could be just the motivation to help people on that journey.

To support this vision, the MOTION projects will have a stronger focus on strengthening partnerships, policy and models of arts practice that have the capacity to continue into the future.

Arts for Health website

Arts For Health

Visit for more information on our range of arts projects and related events. The site showcases all of VicHealth’s work in the arts, including MOTION projects.

MOTION projects 2011–12

The Giant Theremin – City of Melbourne
A super-sized instrument controlled by movement rather than conventional touch. The theremin’s distinctive warble accompanied an array of distinctive sounds which made it impossible to resist running, dancing, jumping and forming unusual shapes in the activation zone to create a symphony of movement.


Weaving a giant elastic web at Tangle

Tangle – Polyglot Theatre
An interactive outdoor play-space where children and families used the physical action of weaving elastic with their whole bodies to build a massive, touchable artwork. The web was facilitated by artists and fuelled by live music to encourage physical movement, artistic decision-making, imaginative play and dramatic interaction.

Dance with Me – Latrobe City Council
A short and easy dance routine that represented the diversity, pride and aspirations of the community was taught to lead dancers and community groups, who then danced in surprise performances in public places. Dance workshops and performances were filmed and projected on public buildings across the Valley.

52 Flashmobs in 52 Weeks – Nillumbik Shire Council
A series of ‘spontaneous’ community events that got people physically active. Promoted through social media, they included dance routines, a car washing mob and gardening gangs – offering fun and creative activities for people of all ages, interests and abilities.

Crowd Play – Melbourne Fringe Festival
A key feature of the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Crowd Play promoted the benefits of participatory arts in a healthy lifestyle. Rehearsals took place in offices, community halls, pubs, clubs and bedrooms around Australia and culminated in three public performances in public sites around Melbourne.

Roll up customer

Cyclists Roll up for valet service

Roll Up – The Squeaky Wheel
A VIP bike valet service providing cyclists with free, secure and convenient parking when attending festivals and events. Roll Up is available for hire by businesses, councils and community groups, and is ideal for event coordinators who are looking to target a cultural and socially conscious market.

Atelier Edens – Aphids
Fever Beach uses GPS technology, cinematic chapters and an original sound score to enliven interactions between visitors and the landscape of Point Nepean National Park. As users roam through digital hotspots within the park they can trigger a series of wild, unexpected adventures, heightening their experience of the wilderness they are moving through.