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Social connection and being engaged in group and civic activities are intrinsic to mental health and wellbeing.



VicHealth’s MOTION program focuses on creative community interventions which increase physical activity and social connection.

It’s all about improving people’s health by giving them opportunities to get creative, physically active and involved in their local community through the arts. VicHealth has a longstanding commitment to supporting Victorians to get actively involved in the arts and MOTION is an exciting program that continues to build on this commitment.

Under the program grants up to $70,000 have been awarded to five arts and cultural organisation for projects spanning 14 months. The five new MOTION projects are now up and running and working in partnership with their local communities to create an exciting range of arts participation opportunities to get people more physically active.

The projects are designed to inspire people who may not usually see that they could get involved in physical activity to join in by providing fun, welcoming arts activity that will bring people together to connect and have fun. VicHealth wants more people to be physically active throughout their lives and these projects could be just the motivation to help people on that journey.

To support this vision, the MOTION projects will have a stronger focus on strengthening partnerships, policy and models of arts practice that have the capacity to continue into the future. 

The projects involve a host of talented arts organisations, artists and communities whose creativity and enthusiasm will no doubt motivate people to get up, get moving as a great way to help improve the health of people across Victoria. 


MOTION Projects 2013-2014


Art of Play Women’s Circus

Parents and children across the Western Suburbs of Melbourne will be surprised and delighted when play and circus activities come to their local playgrounds, malls and streets, and these normal everyday places are transformed into circuses without a tent. The project is designed to reinvigorate public spaces, to entice people out to play and connect with one another and ultimately aims to inspire new ways to think about the way we use public spaces.

Location: activity will be happening in Maribyrnong, Hobson’s Bay and Brimbank.


Art Pumping Action The Village Festival

Ever wanted to power up a festival?  This project will give you that chance to do just that through four unique, creative, pedal-powered sculptures designed and created in collaboration with youth from local communities.  During four Village festivals, the general public can get pedalling and power games, lighting, cinema, dance parties and a projector to inspire festival audiences to get moving.

Location: activity will be happening in Horsham, Yarra, Mount Alexander and Surf Coast.


Dance Republic Big West Festival

A team of elders from five indigenous dance groups will teach traditional dance practices to mentorees and people living across the West of Melbourne. These will include IDJA (Australian indigenous), Toi Haka (Maori), Bindaas (classical Indian and Bollywood), Dombai (South Sudanese) and Chin Karen dance.

Community members will be invited to take part in workshops to experience, learn and create dance sequences that represent a mix of intercultural, urban and social dance, culminating in performances at five local festival events in the west that invite audiences to join in and dance.

Location: activity will be happening in Maribyrnong, Brimbank and Wyndham.


The Alice Project Ausdance Victoria

The story and characters from Alice in Wonderland will become the catalyst for curiosity and a new found love of movement that motivates people of all ages to get physically active and to dance in their local communities.  Children and parents will learn creative dance in public libraries and locals will be challenged to journey along 2,500 footprints on local footpaths.  The community will then come together at the Hatters Tea Party and Hatters Parade to celebrate the Adventures of Alice through dance and movement.

Location: activity will be happening in Glenelg, Latrobe and East Gippsland.


The Ripple Effect Arts Access Victoria

Inspired and led by deaf artists, young deaf people will come together in their local communities, build skills, share stories and connect through dance, drama and physical arts. Local dance and drama teachers will learn how to be inclusive of deaf people in their classes and provide more regular opportunities for young deaf people to dance.

Location: activity will be happening in Melbourne, Geelong, Frankston, Bendigo and Maribrynong. 



For more information on the MOTION 2013-2014 program:

View the presentation from the MOTION grant round briefing held on the 13th of December 2012 at VicHealth.