Violence against women in Australia: Research summary

Date: 19.10.11

Category: Publications: Preventing violence against women

Research Summary coverThis publication presents a synopsis of the latest published research examining violence against women in Australia and its prevention. This summary focuses on:

  • the extent of violence against women
  • population groups at risk
  • the health, economic and other consequences of the problem
  • factors that underlie and contribute to violence against women
  • themes for action to prevent violence against women from happening in the first place.


  Violence against women in Australia Research Summary 


This research summary is one of a series which includes data relevant to the burden of disease associated with mental illness and mental health problems, and the three factors influencing mental health and wellbeing that VicHealth focuses on in the Mental Health Plan: social inclusionfreedom from discrimination and violence; and access to economic resources.

The following Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Summary sheets are also available

  • Ethnic and race-based discrimination as a determinant of mental health and wellbeing
  • Social Inclusion as a determinant of mental health and wellbeing
  • Burden of Disease due to mental illness and mental health problems
  • Access to Economic Resources as a determinant of mental health and wellbeing



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