Disability and health inequalities in Australia

Date: 22.08.12

Category: Publications: Health equity

Person in wheelchair with friendThis research summary defines disability and provides an overview of information regarding the health of people with disabilities and the underlying social determinants, using the population-based data that is available.

VicHealth’s Strategy and Business Plan 2009–2013 identifies people with a disability as a priority population group for efforts to reduce health inequalities. As a follow-up to this research summary, VicHealth is developing a framework and evidence-based resource which will provide information to policy-makers and practitioners that will help facilitate partnerships, engage in advocacy and take action to reduce the health inequalities experienced by people with disabilities. The framework and resource are due for release in mid-2013.


PDF Disability and health inequalities in Australia research summary (PDF)

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The following long and short Easy English versions were prepared by Scope’s Communication Resource Centre for VicHealth and have been tested for their appropriateness for the intended audience.

PDF People with a disability - A plan

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