Life is health is life

Date: 19.05.11

Category: Publications: Health equity

Life is health is life coverLife is health is life provides information and guidance for action to improve the health and life expectancy of Aboriginal Victorians. It brings together stories of promising health promotion practice from across Victoria and a review of the scientific literature.

 It provides the evidence for effective interventions that can be used in health promotion planning. The purpose is to provide the best available information to guide service and program planning. This will contribute to closing the gap in life expectancy while keeping the unique cultural identity of Aboriginal Victorians.

This resource is designed for people who work in community and women’s health services, Aboriginal community controlled health services and local government. It will also be useful to others who are working to close the gap.


  Life is health is life: Taking action to close the gap

  Appendix 1: Detailed description of review methods

  Appendix 2: Data extraction tables of reviews and primary studies review methods

  Appendix 3: Gaps in knowledge

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