Precarious housing and health

Date: 04.08.11

Category: Publications: Health equity

Precarious housing Research SynthesisThis three-part project includes:

  1. A comprehensive research synthesis of existing studies that examine the relationship between housing and health. The synthesis establishes the breadth of the international evidence base and interrogates current ideas and assumptions underlying housing-related health interventions.
  2. Precarious Housing report SummaryNew quantitative analysis of the ABS General Social Survey and the HILDA surveys to determine which Australians are living in precarious or vulnerable housing in Australia. It addresses two broad questions:
    • does poor health lead to precarious housing?
    • does precarious housing (including unaffordability, unsuitability and insecurity of tenure) affect people’s health?

  3. Precarious housing report New qualitative research with lone mothers aged 25 years and under, to provide an in-depth understanding of the social processes and experience of living in precarious housing, particularly how housing effects health.

The complete findings form Parts 2 and 3 are published together as a single report, entitled Precarious housing and health inequalities: What are the links?

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  Precarious housing and health: research synthesis
  Precarious housing and health: what are the links? (summary report)
  Precarious housing and health: what are the links? (full report)

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