The partnerships analysis tool

Date: 05.10.11

Category: Publications: VicHealth general

A resource for establishing, developing and maintaining partnerships for health promotion Publication cover: The Partnerships Analysis Tool

VicHealth considers partnerships an important mechanism for building and sustaining capacity to promote health and prevent illness. This emphasis is particularly relevant when working across multiple sectors and with a range of organisations. If partnerships are to be successful, however, they must have a clear purpose, add value to the work of the partners, and be carefully planned and monitored.

This resource is for organisations entering into or working in a partnership to assess, monitor and maximise its ongoing effectiveness. It was revised in 2011 and now includes information on changing organisations. 

It is designed to help organisations: 

  • develop a clearer understanding of the range of purposes of collaborations 
  • reflect on the partnerships they have established 
  • focus on ways to strengthen new and existing partnerships by engaging in discussion about issues and ways forward.

  The partnerships analysis tool

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