About the Indicators Survey

The VicHealth Indicators Survey 2011 is a Victorian community wellbeing survey.

VicHealth Indicators Report

The VicHealth Indicators Survey 2011 report is a compendium of selected findings reported at a state level.

Map VicHealth Indicators for Victoria

InstantAtlas™ is an interactive mapping website that allows users to view indicator estimates for any given LGA.

LGA Profiles

LGA Profiles have been developed for each of Victoria’s 79 Local Government Areas.

Access the dataset

To gain access to age-standarised data for the VicHealth Indicators 2011 survey an application form must be completed.

Indicator overview sheets

These overview sheets provide background information for each indicator.

Local government action guides

Ten guides have been developed outlining a range of evidence-informed strategies.



Frequently asked questions in regards to the VicHealth Indicators Survey 2011.