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How to Apply and Application Process

20 Feb 2023
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Where do I submit my application?

VicHealth requires all applications to be submitted via 


What is the recruitment process at VicHealth?

We expect an application to include a cover letter specifically tailored to the vacancy, and an up to date CV.

We usually advertise each position for a period of two weeks. No extensions or late applications will be granted or accepted.

The recruitment process typically includes a 3 member panel based interview. Both general and behavioural based questions make up the structure of the interview. In response to the behavioural based questions, the interview panel will be looking for you to provide specific examples from your past working experience, relating to the question. All behavioural based questions relate to the key selection criteria from the position description.

As part of the recruitment process we also perform reference checks for the preferred candidate/s before making an employment offer.


How long does the process take?

Once the advertising time frame has closed for the vacancy, we attempt to review all applications in a timely manner. Usually the time frame from when applications close to when we start contacting candidates for interview is within one and a half to two weeks. From then we conduct interviews and complete reference checks for the preferred candidate/s. All together we attempt to have completed the recruitment process after 4 weeks, but whilst this is our aim, some recruitment processes are not completed within this time frame.


Do I have to submit a separate document for my response to the Selection Criteria?

While we accept applications where the response to the selection criteria has been included in a separate document, we prefer that responses to selection criteria are located within the cover letter. The important point however is that wherever you respond to the selection criteria, it should be easily located within your application. 


How will I know if my application is received?

All candidates receive an automated email once they have successfully submitted their application via


Who should I address my application to?

Every advertisement has a contact person included and a related phone number. Applications can be addressed to this contact person.


To ensure that a fair and merit-based selection process has been followed for all roles, we are not able to retain unsolicited resumes that are not attached to a specific vacancy.


Do you have a volunteering or placement program?

We do not currently have any volunteer or placement programs available at VicHealth.

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