Welcome to the Victorian Health Promotion Awards! 

The Victorian Health Promotion Awards recognise the incredible contribution that organisations and individuals make to create happier and healthier communities across Victoria. 

Health promotion is the act of supporting governments, communities, and individuals to cope with and address health challenges to prevent disease and to improve health and wellbeing.  

We’re celebrating projects that: 

  • improve physical and mental health by tackling issues such as access to healthy food 
  • keep communities active and bringing people together to prevent loneliness and social isolation
  • help to reduce harm from things like alcohol, junk food, drugs, smoking and gambling. 


Congratulations to our winners!

*Drum roll please* The wait is over! We are THRILLED to be able to announce the 2021 Victorian Health Promotion Award winners! Catch our full list of winners below. 

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Outstanding Health Promotion View more

Winner - 5 Ways to Wellbeing Greater Bendigo  

5 Ways to Wellbeing works with key community leaders to deliver mental health promotion and illness prevention in a range of places including schools, early learning centres, community organisations and workplaces.  

Two girls in green shirts promoting 5 ways to wellbeing

Driving Health Equity View more

Winner - Zoe Support Australia  

Zoe Support Australia works to re-engage young mothers facing disadvantage aged 13-25 years old in Mildura in social programs, education and employment, especially during periods of restrictions and isolation in Victoria. 

Group of friends

Building Back Better View more

Winner - North Richmond Community Health – High Risk Accommodation Response  

The North Richmond High Risk Accommodation Response empowered residents in the local high rise public housing estates to develop their employment and leadership skills as well as build trust, positivity and collaboration. 

People in parkas with a trolly full of bags

Future Healthy Award View more

Winner - Healthy Eating, Active Living Matters (HEALing Matters) Program  

The Healthy Eating, Active Living Matters (HEALing Matters) Program aims to improve the eating, and physical activity habits, wellbeing and life skills of young people aged 12-18 years old living in out-of-home care. 

Person with mask

Community Legend View more
Winner - Josh Collings – Upper Murray community legend  

Josh Collings founded the Acres & Acres Cooperative – a market garden initiative that aims to empower and build the capacity of people In the Upper Murray region to grow, sell and supply fresh produce for its own community.  

 Josh Collings – Upper Murray community legend
Leading Health Promotion Research View more

Winner - FitSkills Partnership Project 

This research aims to discover how the FitSkills physical activity program fosters positive attitudes for young people with disability. 

Two people in a gym, one of them on a rowing machine

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Winner - Life and Other Catastrophes  

Life and Other Catastrophes spans aspects of health and wellbeing, looking at mental and physical health, relationships, habits as well as social pressures. It acts as a resource, a comfort and an outlet for listeners as they are encouraged to call in to share their experiences.  

Man and woman standing next to eachother

Stephen Walter Excellence in Health Promotion Marketing View more

Winner - You are Not Alone Campaign  

This campaign provided information about how to seek help or support for someone experiencing abuse. It featured voices of women with lived experiences, enabling others to draw strength and hope.

Banner showing the words Violence, Human rights etc.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the incredible organisations who put in the work every single day, to make our communities healthier and happier. Take a look at the full list of our fantastic finalists below.

Introducing your award MCs 

But what’s an award show without a host? Well, you're in luck because we’ve scored 2! Our very own Community Champions Manahil and Josh are ready to take you through our incredible program from start to finish. 


Awards MC Manahil

As a refugee who has lived in 8 countries, 19-year-old Manahil sees how different cultures approach the idea of health, and just how much the world around you can affect this. 

“I never lived in 1 house more than 3 years: I’ve always been moving,” she explains.

“And for someone like me, or someone with similar experiences, it’s really hard to think about being healthy and give importance to your health, because the surrounding environment affects it a lot.” 

For Manahil, a healthy future looks like “everyone just being supportive of one another and having spaces where everyone is included, no matter their age, culture, religion or race.” 


Awards MC James

A Primary School Education and Welfare Support Officer in a highly diverse area along the Murray River, James loves the inclusive mindset of his community. 

"We have a lot of multicultural families here; you feel that community focus wherever you are. I feel the importance of connection," he says. 

But James, a below-knee amputee, believes there aren’t enough community activity options offered to kids and young people living in regional Victoria. 

"We need to think about what we are providing these kids; we can't just be looking at soccer, football or netball because not everyone likes those sports. They're not 'one size fits all'." 

James says, as a child “I never actually accessed the community, went out to meet children my age or participated in anything because I felt disconnected as these were the only options.”  

For James, a healthy future means creating and promoting community activities that everyone can be part of. 

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