We need to drink less. But how much alcohol is okay for healthy men and women? 

Official guidelines recommend no more than two standard drinks on any day to reduce the risk of alcohol-related disease or injury. This is equivalent to two pots of regular beer or two small glasses (100ml) of wine a day.

How to moderate your drinking

What you can do to moderate your drinking:

  • Find out what kind of drinker you are and what your drinking says about you, visit Your Drinking Profile 
  • Go booze free, blog about your experience, and get support from others doing the same through Hello Sunday Morning 
  • Resist peer pressure – don’t say ‘yes’ to a drink when you mean ‘no’. Find inspiration from the No Excuse Needed campaign

Sobriety apps

Choose from the many smart phone apps that help you to track, identify and change your drinking habits.

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