Violence against women and racism have powerful impacts on the mental health of those who are on the receiving end. Next time you see someone being harassed because of their gender or race, say something or report it.

We surveyed thousands of Victorians about how far they would go to help someone who is being racially abused or sexually harassed. It showed that people want to help, but when it comes to stepping in, they are still hesitant. Around one-third of respondents said they had witnessed sexism towards women in the last 12 months, demonstrating the important role bystanders play in ending discrimination.  

What you can do to send the message that racism and violence against women are not okay:

  • When a racist joke is being told at the pub, tell your mates that it’s not funny, and they are better than that. The more we call people on this behaviour, the more it becomes socially unacceptable.
  • If you witness a colleague using sexist slang, let them know that it’s not appropriate and won’t be tolerated. 

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