Are you still smoking? Quitting can be hard, but giving up smoking is the best way to improve your health and save money.

Research shows smokers who quit at age 50 halve their risk of death caused by smoking, while quitting by age 30 avoids almost all of the excess risk associated with smoking.

Ideas for kicking the habit:

  • understand your smoking habit – what are your triggers or routines that contribute to the urge to smoke
  • work out why you want to quit (health, money, role model, pregnancy)
  • prepare yourself – choose how and when you are going to quit, practice, plan an alternative activity to counter temptation and withdrawal symptoms (exercising?), get the right support.
There are many services and products available to help people quit. The Quit website is a great place to start.

Quit Partnership

We are a major funder of Quit Victoria – the main advocacy and education organisation that helps individuals to kick the...

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Apps to help quit smoking 

Choose from the many smart phone apps that help you to determine how and when you kick the habit of smoking tobacco.

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A healthier life

Do you exercise daily, sleep enough, and eat well? Or are you stressed, sedentary or isolated? Embrace a healthier life ...

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