04 Aug, 2020 Last updated: 09 Mar, 2021

You might be surprised to learn which trending search term came out on top during the first lockdown, and what this could mean now and into the future.

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The University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre analysed Google Trends data for the two weeks following the first lockdown in Australia and the UK and found a growth in searches for both ‘television show’ and ‘exercise’.


The interesting part? More people were searching for ‘exercise’ than ‘television show’. That means despite staying at home, more people were interested in getting active than getting on the couch.


Let’s look at why exercise may be on the minds of so many people during the global pandemic.


Why is exercise so popular right now?

A few reasons why exercise may be on the minds of so many people during the global pandemic:

  • Exercise helps our body and mind in many ways, from boosting your mood, improving your sleep and giving you more energy.
  • When coronavirus came into our lives and threatened our health, exercise became a way to keep our immune system healthy.
  • As our social calendars thinned out, getting active with friends and family replaced dinners and coffee catchups.
  • With many of us missing our sport, gyms and daily walk/bike ride commute, it seems we’ve turned to Google for new ideas to keep active.


But it can be hard to find a workout that makes you feel good amongst all the #FITSPO videos featuring taut and toned models focused on weight loss. Our research shows around two-thirds of women aren’t motivated by ‘fitspiration’ exercise photos and videos.


So, our This Girl Can team have put together some at home workout videos to get you moving without the side of judgement.


Four at-home exercise videos to help you stop searching and start exercising

Here are four home exercise videos from This Girl Can – Victoria, so you can do less Googling and more moving.


If you’d prefer to get outside for your essential exercise and want to give running or jogging a try, check out our video on improving how you run below.


Running tips: improve how you run for maximum enjoyment

Put your best foot forward by improving how you prep for running. This video is great for running newbies, as well as regular runners who want to brush up on their form.


Just remember to wear a mask to and from the start of your run.



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