by experts in healthy eating research and evaluation at VicHealth Last updated: 13 Feb, 2020

Looking for an easy leftover lunchbox idea?

We all want our kids to enjoy healthy eating, especially vegetables.

But, with busy schedules it can be tricky to find the time for new nutritious ideas that will help kids reach their recommended five serves of veggies a day.

Veggie quesadillas can be made the night before with your leftover vegetables – whether they were stir fried, roasted or steamed.

We’ve stepped out a simple recipe below, that will take no more than 15 minutes from fridge to lunchbox.



Prep time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: 10 mins
Serves: 4



4 multigrain tortillas
1 cup reduced fat tasty cheese
2 cups leftover veggies
1 cup baby spinach leaves
400g can no-added salt red kidney beans



1. Lay each tortilla on a clean surface. You’ll be putting the filling on half of each tortilla so we can fold them later.

Image of quesadilla and assorted ingredients


2. Dice up the leftover veggies if they are in big chunks. Divide them across each tortilla.

Image of vegetables being spooned onto tortilla

3. Spread the spinach, cheese and drained red kidney beans across each tortilla.

Image of spinach and kidney beans being put on tortilla

4. Heat a non-stick frying pan and use cooking spray to grease. Carefully place one tortilla in the pan, folding it in half, with the filling side on the bottom. Cook for about 3 minutes or until golden underneath. Carefully turn and cook the other side until golden, then remove from pan. Repeat for each tortilla.

Image of quesadilla in pan

5. Let tortillas cool then cut each into 2 pieces.

Image of cutting quesadilla in half

6. Put in an air-tight container and in the fridge ready for lunch.