Last updated: 20 Dec, 2019

We all want to enjoy the holiday season celebrating and spending time with friends and family. Better yet we want to hold onto that relaxed holiday feeling as long as we can into the new year.

We all want to enjoy the holiday season celebrating and spending time with friends and family.

Better yet, we want to hold onto that relaxed holiday feeling into the new year.

Yet many of us find there’s too much food and drink, too many late nights and not enough time to relax.

Do you ever feel like society pressures us to drink and be merry – to the point of feeling unhealthy and in need of another holiday?


Instead, why not support those around you to make small changes to help you feel healthier, more resilient and connected as we start 2020.

Start the new year feeling your best with these top tips


1. Add some colour to your plate

Serving salad at the dinner table

Pair your favourite foods with a pile of green, leafy veggies and colourful salads – aim to fill at least half your plate with veggies and salads.


2. Swap the cocktail for a mocktail

Two glasses of no-alcohol fruit drinks

Try starting the party with some fresh and fruity mocktails , and if you choose to drink an alcohol product stick to no more than four standard drinks in a session.


3. Get some decent sleep

A woman fast asleep in bed

Ever spent time with a toddler who hasn’t had enough sleep? Try and think about your own sleep needs in the same way as you would about a child’s and catch more zzzzs as a priority. For better sleep, start winding down and switch off your devices an hour before bedtime, and aim for a similar bedtime every night.


4. Avoid the spin

Junk mail in letterbox

Christmas is a time when food and drink companies make it harder for us to be healthy, with a proliferation of unhealthy products and marketing techniques that persuade us that we need them for our holiday season to be complete. Unhealthy products like chocolates, soft drinks and alcohol are often heavily discounted at this time of year making it easy to buy and consume more than you need. Before buying that second case of wine or box of chocolates have a think about whether you really want it or if you’re just buying it because it’s on special.


5. Reach out

Three friends talking

If you know someone doing it tough, contact them to make sure they’re ok. And if you’re on your own, volunteer at a local charity to help someone less fortunate while getting out of your own head.


6. Keep it moving

Couple walking the dog

Anything from a short walk to trying a new type of activity or sport – it doesn’t matter how you look doing it or if you’re any good. All that matters is giving yourself the opportunity to get active while having a bit of fun.


7. Make your resolution to quit

Cigarette bin

If you only make one resolution, choose this one. As soon as you stop smoking, your body begins to repair itself, and there’s amazing help available at


8. Digital detox!

Friends walking togethr on teh beach

Can you spend a few hours away from your phone, or even (gasp) a few days? Once that gnawing feeling of needing to live-stream your Christmas lunch passes you might find you enjoy things IRL  a little more than glued to a screen.


9. Pitch in

Friends helping out at BBQ

Christmas can be a stressful time, especially for hosts. Why not lighten the load for others by bringing a plate of food to share and helping to clean up afterwards.


10. Book in some downtime

Reading a book with the dog

Self-care doesn’t always mean face masks and massages, it can simply mean saying no to activities when you’re feeling depleted. And making time each day to do things that make you feel good (e.g. cuddle a pet, get an early night or watch a movie).