Author: the tips in this blog are from BeUpstandingâ„¢, a national initiative designed to support workplaces to Stand Up, Sit Less and Move More Last updated: 15 Jul, 2020

Follow these simple steps to make your temporary home office healthier and more relaxing

With the return to Stage 3 restrictions in Victoria you may find yourself once again working, living and trying to exercise all in the same space, and that can be hard.

So instead of feeling daunted by the idea of doing a full workout in your living room, set yourself goals and reminders to take small breaks throughout your workday to move your body.

The team at BeUpstanding™ have shared their top tips to balance working from home with working out.



Even the smallest spaces can be used for exercise

If you have limited space at home, try these tips BeUpstanding™ got from a health coach to break up your workday and help energise you for your next Zoom meeting:

  • Set up your workspace to allow for movement – make sure you can easily stand up, stretch your arms and legs throughout the day.
  • Try to stand during online meetings – can you move your laptop or participate via your mobile phone so you can stand?
  • Learn to stretch at your desk – rolling your shoulders and neck a few times, flexing your wrists and rotating from side to side to wake up your muscles can help you feel more relaxed at the end of a working day.
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Move as a team and help motivate each other to take a break

We’re all in this together, so instead of trying these exercises alone, share your ideas with your workmates, friends or family to keep everybody moving:

  • Build in team reminders or prompts to stand and move through shared calendars and project management software.
  • Set team strength goals where everyone’s light resistance exercises (like calf raises, wall push ups) contribute to a daily team goal.
  • Send email reminders to take regular movement breaks like filling up your water glass.
  • Walk and talk – see if you can make time to chat to your team on the phone and walk around the block. 
  • For more BeUpstanding™ tips on how you can support your team to move more while they’re working from home visit


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