Here’s a great idea to turn tonight’s curry leftovers into tomorrow’s lunch box favourite.

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Here’s a great idea to turn tonight’s curry leftovers into tomorrow’s lunch box favourite.

You can easily make veggie curry parcels that kids will be begging for, especially if they help you wrap them up.

And, using leftover curry (or cooked veggies) will help you give your kids their recommended five serves of veggies a day while minimising food waste. It’s a win-win!


Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10-20 mints
Makes: 10-12 samosas


1 pack filo pastry (thawed, if using frozen)
vegetable or olive oil
leftover curry/vegetables


1 . Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees, and line an oven tray with non-stick baking paper.

2.  If you’re thawing your filo, make sure you keep it covered with a clean, damp tea towel to prevent it from drying out.

3.  Once the pastry is thawed, carefully take a single piece and cut it into a rectangle – about 18cm on the short edge. Brush with a little oil.

Image of pastry

Image of oil being brushed on pastry

4.  Put a tablespoon of curry or vegetable mix about 3-4 cms from the end closest to you.

5.  Fold the bottom edge of the pastry over the vegetable mix, and then continue to roll/fold the pastry away from you until there’s about 4cm of pastry remaining at the top.

6.  Take the excess pastry on either side of the now enclosed vegetable mix and fold over. Then do one final roll so the pastry is tucked nicely underneath.



7.  Repeat until pastry and/or filling is used up.

Image of ingredients being put on pastry

Image of veggie parcels being brushed with oil

8.  Brush each parcel with a little oil and bake for 25-30 mins, or until golden brown.

9.  Let the parcels cool on the oven tray for 5-10 minutes, and place of a baking rack to cool completely.

Image of parcels cooling on wire rack