Less than a third of Australians are getting enough physical activity to benefit their health. 

This can lead to increased risks of chronic disease and mental ill health, and has been estimated to cost the Australian economy a total of $13.8 billion each year.

Increasing participation in physical activity has health, social and economic benefits. As well as the health gains to be made by preventing chronic disease, the benefits include promoting mental wellbeing and social connections, increasing productivity, and positive changes to the environments we live and play in, such as reduced traffic congestion and safer neighbourhoods.

We partner with sports, active travel and recreation agencies, the arts, and workplaces to create new opportunities for Victorians to make physical activity a part of their daily lives..

Physical Activity Strategy 2019–2023

VicHealth’s strategy to increase the number of Victorians who are physically active.

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Doing Sport Differently

How to design and deliver sport to engage people who are less active.

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Walking is a great way of increasing physical activity and combating obesity, traffic congestion, pollution and a host of preventable diseases.

Walk to School

Walk to School is an annual event designed to raise awareness of the physical, environmental and social benefits of walk...

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