General questions

How do I write a grant application?

The VicHealth Active Club Grants program requires clubs to submit a funding application to VicHealth. All applications must be submitted online in accordance with timelines and processes outlined Terms and Conditions. In order to ensure fairness for all interested organisations, no late applications will be accepted.

Completing an application for tier 1 should take 30 minutes to complete if the club has considered:
• why you are seeking to apply
• what you are planning on purchasing
• how it will create more opportunities for Victorians to be physically active.

The Funding Centre provides an overview and a list of other resources on how to write an effective grant application:


Can I use the services of a professional or a third-party grant writer?

 If a professional or a third-party grant writer is used:
• Applicants are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring all information in the application is accurate and correct
• Any ambiguous responses to questions in the application form may detract from the application in assessment
• VicHealth reserves the right to seek proof of any data or information provided in the application

No part of any approved grant amount can be used to pay the costs of a third party grant writer.

If the club elect to use the assistance of a grant writer, we require a complete Professional and Third-Party Grant Writers Agreement submitted with your application
• If the Professional and Third-Party Grant Writers Agreement is not completed to the satisfactory of VicHealth the application maybe withdrawn.
• It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure the Professional and Third-Party Grant Writers Agreement is completed prior to submission National Sporting Organisations, State Sport Associations or Regional Sports Assemblies and Council are exempt from this process.


My club/organisation is not incorporated, am I eligible for funding?

 For a club to be eligible for an Active Club Grant, a club must be an incorporated body or a company limited by guarantee, at the time of application and if successful, for the project duration. Specifically, Unincorporated Associations do not have a suitable legal status to enter into a funding arrangement with VicHealth. Clubs are encouraged to review more detail about incorporation on the following websites:
Australian Sports Commission - Incorporation
Consumer Affairs Victoria – What is an Incorporated Association
Consumer Affairs Victoria – Should your club incorporate

VicHealth will not accept any Auspice letters of support from Incorporated Associations to assist Unincorporated Associations apply for funding under Active Club Grants. State Sporting Associations or Local Government may be able to provide further support and advice about becoming an incorporation.


Where does active recreation fit?

VicHealth recognises that there are a number of ways to be active – through sport, active recreation, arts, walking, active travel or conducting standing meetings at work. Specifically, the VicHealth Active Club Grants program will support more Victorians to be physically active through sporting clubs. Active Club Grants aligns with our three year priorities of “advancing gender equality in sport” and “creating more opportunities for less active Victorians to participate in sport”; and will support sport clubs to increase the availability of sport offerings that suit less-active Victorians.

Active recreation organisations are encouraged to investigate grants offered by Sport and Recreation Victoria, or the Grants Victoria website.

Alternatively, Local Government’s often provide support to active recreation organisations.

I’m in Regional Victoria – what is a Regional Sports Assembly?

Regional Sports Assemblies provide volunteer support, information and training and development opportunities to local clubs in rural and regional Victoria. Staff within your local Regional Sports Assembly may be able to provide assistance with:

• Grant development and submission
• Ideas for participation

VicHealth are working with Regional Sports Assemblies to create and delivering new sport participation opportunities that address the needs of those who are inactive or somewhat active to become more active through sport. Visit Regional Sport Victoria for a list of Regional Sports Assemblies.


What is the likelihood of receive funding?

 Due to the competitive nature and limited funds available to VicHealth to deliver the funding round, not all applications can be successful. The success rate for applications varies depending on the quality of your application against the selection criteria and other applications.

Still have questions? Visit the Partnership Grants contact form.