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VicHealth Partnership Grants

This is one of the new VicHealth Partnership Grants, which present new funding opportunities for a diverse range of organisations to propel community wellbeing and health promotion initiatives into unchartered territory with a multi-million dollar funding pool.

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About this grant

Key points:

  • Organisations with an ABN are eligible to apply
    • A research partner is mandatory for this grant stream
  • Use the Alcohol Cultures Framework to guide your thinkingFunding will be available in two (2) stages. Stage 1 recipients will receive up to $25,000 to gain insights into a chosen risky drinking social world and develop a project proposal for delivery at Stage 2.
  • Only those successful at Stage 1 will be eligible to apply for Stage 2 funding (up to $250,000 for a two-year project).

Note: if your organisation has been affected by recent bushfires and you require assistance to complete your application, please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

More information:

VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Partnership Grant invites organisations to partner with us to change risky drinking cultures to reduce harm from alcohol products in Victoria.

We encourage you to think big and laterally about forging new partnerships to really hit the mark with communities and help reduce risky drinking cultures in Victoria. Organisations must form a partnership with a researcher to apply for this funding.

The Alcohol Culture Change Partnership Grant is for organisations to partner with researchers to shift risky drinking cultures by:

  • identifying a social world where risky drinking occurs
  • gaining insights about the social world including how the settings, skills and shared meanings of the target group influence the way people drink
  • testing interventions that influence the activities and practices within that social world to improve the risky drinking culture

What is an alcohol culture?

It is the way a group of people drink, including their shared understanding of formal rules, social norms, practices, values and beliefs around what is and what is not socially acceptable when they get together.

What is a social world?

A social world is a group of people who get together around a common interest or activity. Members of a social world may or may not know each other, but they share social norms and practices, including expectations, about how people behave when they meet.

Where there is a drinking culture, the norms, practices and expectations are shared within the social world – and in some social worlds, there is a risky drinking culture where harm from alcohol products is common.


Social worlds with risky drinking cultures

Changing risky drinking cultures isn’t about telling people they can’t have a drink or taking someone away from a social world, it’s about influencing the activities and practices that are acceptable in a social world to minimise harm from alcohol products.

Getting started

Use Alcohol Cultures Framework to guide your thinking. This framework puts the focus on social worlds – which are the shared activities and practices of a group – and moves away from trying to change individual behaviours to reduce risky drinking culture. 

What's on offer?

VicHealth will fund up to ten $25,000 grants commencing in May 2020 with the potential to receive up to $250,000 of additional funding in late 2020 to deliver an intervention over two years. Organisations must form a partnership with a researcher to apply for funding.

Funding stages

Stage 1: The initial $25,000 - Over a four month period organisations and their research partner will:

  • gain insights about the social world, including how the setting, skills and shared meaning of the target group influence the way people drink; and
  • based on these insights, develop a project idea to change the risky drinking culture in the social world.

Stage 2: Potential for up to $250,000 of additional funding - Projects with the greatest potential to influence risky drinking cultures will receive additional funding to deliver the project over a two year period.

Who can apply?

Any Victorian organisation passionate about achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes is encouraged to apply. We encourage you to think big and laterally about forging new partnerships to really hit the mark with communities and help reduce risky drinking cultures in Victoria.

VicHealth is committed to health equity, that is, enabling all Victorians to have the means to a good and healthy life, regardless of cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, disability, income, educational attainment, occupation or location.

VicHealth encourages diverse organisations to apply, including those who work with disability communities, LGBTIQ communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Organisations that can apply include but are not limited to:

  • Local councils
  • Community organisations
  • Health services and community health organisations
  • Tertiary education institutions
  • Organisations from the arts, creative, digital or youth sector
  • Rural and remote organisations
  • Organisations working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • NGOs, peak bodies, charities
  • Other relevant industries/sectors

A research partner is mandatory for this project. Your project team must include a research partner (e.g. academic, consultant with public health expertise) to guide project design and delivery. Their in-principal support will need to be demonstrated in your application.

Contact VicHealth for a list of researchers who may be interested in partnering with you on this project.

What we will fund?

This funding opportunity is designed to enable organisations in partnership with researchers to identify social worlds where risky drinking occurs, and work with VicHealth to influence the practices and activities within this social world to reduce risky drinking cultures.

VicHealth will fund projects that best align with the Alcohol Cultures Framework.

Click here for examples of previous projects under this Initiative.

See our information fact sheet for a list of what we will and will not fund under this Initiative.

Key dates



Applications open

19 November 2019

Briefings via webinar

Thursday 28 November, 12.30pm – 1.00pm

Applications close

12pm, 24 February 2020

Partnership Grant recipients notified

On or before 30 April 2020

Important documents

Click here to download the VicHealth Partnership Grants Funding Guidelines

Click here to download the information fact sheet for this funding round

Watch a recording the webinar here (you can also download the slide decktranscript and questions)




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Further reading

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