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VicHealth Partnership Grants

This is one of the new VicHealth Partnership Grants, which present new funding opportunities for a diverse range of organisations to propel community wellbeing and health promotion initiatives into unchartered territory with a multi-million dollar funding pool.

Explore which VicHealth Partnership Grants you could apply for here.

About this grant for Victorian councils

Key points:

  • Everyday Creativity Partnership Grants must be administered by a Victorian council
  • The focus of this grant stream is development of new approaches to making more art and cultural experiences available to more people more often
  • Councils will be the primary recipient of the grant however priority will be weighted towards those with demonstrated experience withand/or partnerships with arts and cultural organisations.

Note: if your organisation has been affected by recent bush fires and you require assistance to complete your application, please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

More information:

Participating in the arts has multiple benefits for health and wellbeing - reducing social isolation, building self-esteem and strengthening community connection. The more regularly people engage in the arts the better their health outcomes, with some research identifying an optimum of 100+ hours per year.

VicHealth is committed to health equity, that is, enabling all Victorians to have the means to a good and healthy life, regardless of cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, disability, income, educational attainment, occupation or location.

The arts can be an important vehicle for facilitating cooperation and a cohesive society. Creating an equitable sector where more people can experience more art more often is an essential part of this.

Unfortunately, opportunities to participate in the arts are not evenly distributed with many people facing significant and complex barriers. These challenges are often cultural, physical, systematic, or a combination of these, and more. Solutions to help increase participation in arts are most likely to be found by speaking with those who are not currently engaging.

VicHealth’s Everyday Creativity Partnership Grant aims to increase access for everyone to creativity through the arts and its health benefits. To achieve these outcomes we want to work with local councils to promote sustained and varied arts and cultural opportunities. 

What's on offer?

VicHealth will provide up to $150,000 across two (2) years for each project.

We may fund up to seven (7) projects. If successful, funding will commence in June 2020.

Who can apply?

This funding opportunity is open to Victorian local councils. Local councils must form a partnership with an organisation/s from the arts, creative or cultural sector*.

Involving additional partners including those from health/community organisations will be considered favourably. Other potential partners may include workplaces, educational institutions or organisations from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, community, commercial, education, non-government or sport and recreation sectors.

For councils

We invite local councils to think outside the box and consider what combinations of arts/health/community organisations they could partner with to deliver the best possible outcomes for Victorians, and outline this in their application.

For arts, creative and cultural sector organisations

We encourage organisations from these sectors to think laterally about who they could partner with to deliver projects, together with local councils, in order to drive positive health outcomes for Victorians.

*The arts and creative industries are a collection of interconnected sectors that have creativity at their core. These include the performing arts, visual arts, design and craft, cultural festivals, literature, museums, online, digital and electronic arts. The arts and creative industries include commercial, community, experimental and traditional activities. There are various methods of participation (active, receptive, decision making) across a range of settings (public spaces, galleries, venues, home, workplaces, schools).

However, organisations that accept any form of sponsorship, support or research funding from sources connected to the tobacco industry, and/or whose business or activities do not align with VicHealth’s values of promoting good health and wellbeing for all Victorians will not be eligible.

Can councils apply for both of the arts grants?

The VicHealth Partnership Grants include two opportunities related to arts and health; one is the Art of Good Health and the other is Everyday Creativity. Councils can apply for both of these grants, however it is important to note the difference between them.

The Art of Good Health grants focus on the development of arts and creative solutions to our priority health challenges – increasing physical activity, preventing tobacco use, improving mental wellbeing, preventing alcohol harm, promoting healthy eating. The Everyday Creativity grants will support the development of new approaches to making more art and cultural experiences available to more people more often.

Local councils can submit applications to both grant rounds, provided that the projects align to these distinct focus areas.

What we will fund

VicHealth will fund initiatives that increase participation and build access, diversity and inclusion to arts and cultural activities to improve the health and wellbeing of all people and groups in the Victorian community.

We require applicants to incorporate co-design and mixed method approaches into the design and delivery of their projects.

Approaches may include

  • advocacy initiatives
  • building new partnerships with community organisations
  • incorporating citizen input into funding/prize/programming decisions
  • developing ambassador, buddy or mentor systems
  • ensuring marketing materials and their distribution maximise inclusion
  • staff training that recognises new comers and makes them feel more welcome and included
  • presenting works that are more reflective of and relevant to our diverse communities
  • providing low/no cost previews or ‘famils’, or bespoke experiences for targeted communities.

We will not fund

This is not just an audience development or outreach program, nor is the solution necessarily more art – though successful proposals may contain elements of these. This funding opportunity is about a more fundamental shift toward cultural democracy, building shared value between the creative sectors and the community.

Organisations that accept any form of sponsorship, support or research funding from sources connected to the tobacco industry, and/or whose business or activities do not align with VicHealth’s values of promoting good health and wellbeing for all Victorians.

Key dates



Applications open

19 November 2019

Briefings via webinar

Tuesday 26 November, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Applications close

12pm, 24 February 2020

Partnership Grant recipients notified

On or before 30 April 2020

Important documents

Download the VicHealth Partnership Grants Funding Guidelines

Download the information fact sheet for this funding round

Watch a recording the webinar here (you can also download the slide decktranscript and questions)


Further reading

The resources listed below have a focus on access, diversity and/or inclusion in the arts and may provide insights for developing ideas for a grant application: