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Growing Participation in Sport

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VicHealth’s Growing Participation in Sport program will deliver proven participation opportunities to engage less active young people (12-17 years) to become more active through sport.

We know that over nine out of ten young people (12-17 years) are not meeting the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. We also know that physical activity levels and sport participation rates significantly decrease during adolescence, as young people transition from primary school to secondary school and from childhood to adulthood.

VicHealth wants to support young people to create good physical activity habits early in life. To do this we will invest up to $6 million over the next three years (2018 to 2021) and partner with a number of state or national sporting organisations who can help us make the greatest impact on increasing the participation levels of less active young people.

This program will have a significant focus on engaging those young people who face health inequities, those who don’t engage in regular physical activity and those that aren’t interested in participating in existing traditional sport offerings. 





AFL Victoria

The Unity Cup program is a 5-week football program that brings people together from all cultures and religious faiths to experience playing Australian Rules Football in a safe and inclusive environment.

By mid-2021, there will be 14 Unity Cup hubs running across metropolitan and regional Victoria, providing participants, not only the benefits of increase physical activity on the field, but development opportunities to progress off the field.

Australian Sailing

OutThere Sailing is the ideal way to have fun and get active on the water. This pilot program is aimed at 12-17 year olds who would like to try sailing, windsurfing and/or paddle boarding. On top of these, there are also fun powerboat and keelboat experiences along the way. These programs will be delivered at clubs in coastal areas and inland waterways around Victoria. Teenagers can experience sailing and windsurfing in a fun, relaxed environment. Participants will not only reap the benefits of increased physical activity, experience a new sport and make new friends, they will also develop important skills that will benefit them into the future.

Blind Sports

This project aims to improve the health and well-being and social inclusion of less active teens who are blind or vision impaired across Victoria. BSRV will offer a range of modified sports including blind tennis, soccer programs and a range of activities within leisure centres. The programs will be offered to teenagers who are blind or vision impaired and their friends/family members. The program will result in 130 less active young people with vision loss enjoying the benefits of healthy exercise and meeting new friends; together with enhanced social inclusion.

Bowls Victoria

Roll Up aims to introduce bowls to young people 12 - 17 years who have never played Bowls. Each week, juniors develop their playing skills and game knowledge through social play and support coaching provided by club coaches. The program allows kids to learn and build their confidence in lawn bowls in a supportive, relaxed and fun environment.Roll Up is a great after school sport that kids can play with their friends. Music, food and refreshments are also provided at each session.

Cycling Victoria

Cycling Victoria's Cycling & Co program aims to increase participation in cycling by less active young people aged 12 -17 years through a fun and educational cycling program that teaches riding skills by clubs in a variety of environments. This program will encourage participation in active transport throughout the community supporting more young people to have stronger skills and knowledge of cycling and be engaged in regular cycling.

Football Victoria

Football for Fun is a social, modified version of traditional football (soccer), with participants attending a local venue with friends and playing a friendly game of football. The program aims to increase physical activity of less active young people in an informal, fun environment, free of expectation minus the traditional competitive focus. The emphasis will be on socialising with friends, developing skills and having fun with young people provided the opportunity to play football at the level they choose.

Golf Victoria

Freestyle Golf is a modified introductory golf program designed to increase physical activity levels of less active 12-17 year old’s.

The program will increase fitness through fun and highly engaging golf activities and physical exercises to be delivered in an inclusive, relaxed and social environment. This project will have a targeted approach to working with partner organisations to maximise involvement of people with a disability and from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Gymnastics Victoria

Gym4Me aims to increase physical activity in young people aged 12-17 years and is inclusive of all abilities. Gymnastics clubs will deliver the program to less active young people across Victoria, utilising gymnastics equipment to progress each participant’s fitness in new and creative ways. Participants have the opportunity to work closely with trained facilitators to develop personalised workouts and will enjoy enhanced physical fitness, as well as the opportunity to make new friends in a fun and social environment.

Hockey Victoria

Hockey Sixes aims to increase physical activity participation for less active young people 12-17 years across Victoria. Participants will benefit over the next 2 years by participating in a social, non-competitive, modified format of hockey. The program will target lapsed (12-17 year old) hockey players, as well as new participants as it strives to change attitudes towards physical activity, for young people 12-17 years.

Lacrosse Victoria

TriBall aims to increase physical activity participation in less active young people (12-17 years) by delivering a modified lacrosse program, which incorporates fun activities, in a safe and friendly environment. The focus of each activity is to teach new skills, using modified equipment and non-contact rules, without concentrating on competition.

Lacrosse Victoria aims to enable less active young people (12-17 years) to enjoy the game of lacrosse in its many forms and the project ‘Social Stixs’ will look to engage non traditional participants in a safe, socially orientated environment.

Life Saving Victoria

Targeting the most disadvantaged of target groups – newly arrived CALD youth, low-socio economic, in the most inactive LGA’s of Melbourne - Life Saving Victoria will deliver an aquatic’s participation program for CALD young people 12~17 years.

Young people 12-17 years will be engaged through the model’s four activity components - Beach Recreation Usage Days, Swimming lesson courses, Training courses and ongoing recreational Swimming. These newly acquired skills and experiences will provide the ‘building blocks’ required for all future aquatic endeavours, both sporting and recreational.

Netball Victoria

Rock Up Netball Youth aims to engage less active young people aged 12 -17 years in a non-traditional format of netball which is fun, flexible, social, non-competitive and run outside of school hours.Suitable for young people who are new to netball, looking to learn skills or those who wanting a flexible and less competitive form of netball.

Touch Football Australia

Youth in Touch is a partnership between Touch Football Victoria and NRL Victoria. It aims to increase participant’s physical activity and improve health and wellbeing through an engaging touch football project. Young people 12-17 years across the state will take part in a localised touch football program, designed for young people by young people.

Skate Victoria

We Roll is a roller skating based holistic health program which targets 12-17-year-olds. Co-designed with young people, participants will benefit from increased physical activity through skating while learning about nutrition and mental health in a fun and supportive environment. The program will be delivered in several locations throughout the state including regional Victoria. A range of partnerships will ensure opportunities for participation exist for young people beyond the period of VicHealth funding.

This program can be tailored to suit delivery locations and timing restrictions, including classes for girls only, younger participants and school holiday programs. She Rolls is aimed to young girls aged 12-17. Skate Club is a 4-week program for participants 12-14 and Skate Camp is a modified school holiday program run over two weeks.


All Aboard Skateboarding sessions are a gender inclusive skateboarding workshop program with a primary focus on creating new participants in skateboarding. The program offers a unique opportunity for less active 12-17 year old Victorians who have seldom or never stepped on a skateboard to learn the basic beginner and intermediate skills and develop their technique in a fun, safe and social environment.

The program also assists with the transition of committed participants into coaching and officiating positions, especially in regional areas.

Squash & Racquetball Victoria

Squash & Racquetball GO! aims to increase the physical activity levels of less active 12 -17-year olds through fun, sociable and quick squash activities. GO! is a fresh look at squash and racquetball, with an emphasis on fun. There is no need to be a pro player, you can take this program to whatever level suits you! In addition to getting more active, improving fitness and releasing stress, GO! participants will meet new friends and connect with other young people from a range of backgrounds.

Surfing Victoria

Coasting is an introductory program that will deliver Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) to 3000 less active females in Victoria aged between 12 & 17 years old in coastal and inland locations. The program will also engage with Indigenous Communities to include young Indigenous less active females in the program. The program aims to increase the physical activity levels of young less active females in Victoria in a fun and social environment that focuses on participation. Participants are taught the basic SUP techniques to allow them to enjoy a new activity that they may never have experienced before.

Tennis Victoria

Tennis 4 Teens is a club based, modified version of the Tennis for Secondary Schools program. It has been designed with teens, for teens. Tennis 4 Teens offers more than "just tennis" and encompasses activities both on and off the court. Each week sessions consist of some on court activities (determined by participants) as well as the chance to have fun off court. Sessions typically run for 1 to 1.5 hours. Open to players 12-17 years of age and of all abilities this is a great chance to let off some steam, get active and socialise with friends. The program offers less active teens an alternative to competition tennis.

Triathlon Victoria

TRI2gether aims to increase physical activity amongst less active 12-17 year-olds. Focussing on "finish lines, not finish times" the program supports young people, of all backgrounds and abilities, to look at their performance with an achievement mindset, not through the lens of competition. Aligning to the changing sporting landscape, TRI2gether brings the challenge of multi-sport to those looking for something beyond traditional sport, building skills in swim,bike,run and the confidence to make physical activity part of their lifestyle.


What's on offer? View more

State Sporting Associations (SSA) and National Sporting Organisations (NSO) and/or Victorian Disability State Sporting Bodies (DSSB) will share in up to $6 million in funding available over the period 2018-2021 to deliver proven participation opportunities to engage less active young people (12-17 years) to become more active through sport.

Your participation opportunity will need to have a particular focus on engaging young people who face health inequities, those who don’t engage in regular physical activity and those that aren’t interested in participating in existing traditional sport offerings. 

Who can apply? View more

VicHealth is seeking applications from SSAs, NSOs and DSSBs to deliver proven participation opportunities enabling those who are less active to become more active through sport, with a focus on engaging young people aged 12-17 years. The following sporting organisations can apply:

  • Sporting organisations recognised as an SSA under the classification provided by Sport and Recreation Victoria or NSO recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (Sport Australia) 
  • Victorian DSSBs recognised by Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Organisations meeting the above requirement who have fully acquitted  all requirements of any previous grants awarded under VicHealth funding (to the satisfaction of VicHealth)
  • Organisations committed to achieving and/or maintaining a minimum of 40 per cent female representation on their sporting organisation’s Board by July 2019  
What type of participation opportunities does VicHealth want to invest in? View more

VicHealth is looking to invest in one participation program/product for each funded sport that is:

  • An established junior or adult product that can be modified or re-purposed for 12-17 year olds (or a subset of that group). For example, an existing social sport program that has had success engaging inactive adults (for example 25+) that could be tweaked to target 12-17 years. Programs in this category may have been delivered through other VicHealth funded sport programs.
  • An established product for 12-17 year olds introduced to Victoria for the first time. For example, a successful National, interstate or international youth program that has been developed, trialled and/or delivered elsewhere.
  • An established product for 12-17 year olds, delivered in Victoria that will be scaled to extend the reach to less active youth. For example you may be able to deliver significantly greater geographic reach, diversity of audience and/or number of deliverers.

VicHealth cares about ensuring that everyone has a chance to get active, so think about how your opportunity will be inclusive and accessible, particularly for those young people who experience disadvantage.

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VicHealth hosted a workshop to help interested organisations with their grant applications. You can view a video of the workshop here.

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Funding opens

Monday 12 February 2018

Information session (optional but highly recommended)

2.5 hour duration

Monday 19 February 2018

Session 1: 9.30 AM – 12 PM


Session 2: 1.30 PM – 4 PM

Applications close

Thursday 8 March 2018 12 PM

Applications assessed and shortlisted

Week commencing 13 March 2018

VicHealth assessment panel

27 March 2018

Final VicHealth approval

May 2018

Organisations notified of outcome of application

Late May 2018 (anticipated)

Contracting of successful organisations

June 2018

Program commences

1 July 2018 

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FAQs for technical system related questions questions in relation to the VicHealth Online Grant Management System, click here.

For FAQs about the Growing Participation in Sport initiative for eligible SSA’s and NSO’s, click here.