Last updated: 04 May, 2020

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VicHealth Partnership Grants

This is one of the new VicHealth Partnership Grants, which present new funding opportunities for a diverse range of organisations to propel community wellbeing and health promotion initiatives into unchartered territory with a multi-million dollar funding pool.

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About this grant for Victorian councils

Key points:

  • Healthier Masculinity Partnership Grants must be administered by a Victorian council
  • Use the Healthier Masculinities Framework to guide your thinking 
  • Think laterally about who you can work with to determine what works in engaging men and boys in gender equality

    Note: if your organisation has been affected by recent bush fires and you require assistance to complete your application, please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

    More information:

    The Healthier Masculinities Partnership Grant will support local government in partnership with relevant organisations to develop, trial and evaluate initiatives that seek to propel health and wellbeing outcomes in Victoria.

    Projects funded through the Healthier Masculinities Partnership Grant will help VicHealth build the evidence base about what types of programs can help engage men and boys in gender equality, particularly efforts to transform harmful gender stereotypes, masculinities and negative social norms, attitudes and behaviours.

    Why focus on healthier masculinities?

    The benefits of helping men break free from limiting gender stereotypes flow to everyone. All health and wellbeing initiatives can be strengthened by considering the influence of masculinities, from mental wellbeing or healthy eating initiatives, through to preventing violence against women or preventing harm from alcohol.

    What do you mean by healthier masculinities?

    Masculinity is an evolving social construct that people use to describe a set of practices, attitudes and behaviours that instruct what men and boys should be and how they should act. It also includes social norms, the unwritten rules about how to behave in society. While not all men conform to these expectations, most feel the pressure to do so. We see healthier masculinities and harmful masculinities expressed through our attitudes, behaviours and practices, our relations with others, and through social norms and structures. Healthier masculinities are characterised by equality and respect, non-violence, reflection and self-awareness, emotional expression and vulnerability, and accountability.

    Where do I start?

    Visit our Healthier Masculinities Framework to find out more.

    What's on offer?

    Up to $140,000 over a two-year period to deliver an initiative designed to promote healthier masculinities for young men and boys in Victoria.

    We may fund up to four projects, with funding commencing in June 2020.  

    Who can apply?

    This funding opportunity is open to Victorian local councils.

    We encourage local councils to think big and laterally about forging new partnerships to really hit the mark with men and boys to promote healthier masculinities.

    Potential partners may include workplaces, educational institutions or organisations from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, community, commercial, education, non-government or sport and recreation sectors.

    Ineligible partners

    • Organisations that accept any form of sponsorship, support or research funding from sources connected to the tobacco industry
    • Organisations whose business or activities do not align with VicHealth’s values of promoting good health and wellbeing for all Victorians.

    What we will fund

    VicHealth will fund projects that best align with the Healthier Masculinities Framework. Guided by this framework, local councils are encouraged to form partnerships to develop and test an initiative to promote healthier masculinities for young men and boys.

    VicHealth is passionate about health equity, that is, enabling all Victorians to have the means to a good and healthy life, regardless of cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, disability, income, educational attainment, occupation or location. Grant applications that apply a health equity lens will be considered favourably.

    Key dates



    Applications open

    19 November 2019

    Briefings via webinar

    Wednesday 27 November, 11.00am – 11.30am

    Applications close

    12pm, 24 February 2020

    Partnership Grant recipients notified

    On or before 30 April 2020

    Important documents

    Download the VicHealth Partnership Grants Funding Guidelines

    Download the information fact sheet for this funding round

    Watch a recording the webinar here (you can also download the slide deck with transcript and questions)