Last updated: 14 Mar, 2019

Applications are now closed.

We are refreshing our Innovation Research Grants program for even greater impact.  

VicHealth is calling for grant applications for policy and practice impact research that relate to the research priorities outlined in the Impact Research Grants Guidelines.


This new grant round titled ‘Impact Research Grants’ will replace VicHealth’s Innovation Research Grants.

The change from Innovation Research Grants to Impact Research Grants is in response to a 2018 review of VicHealth’s investment in research. As a result of the review, VicHealth’s future investment in research will have a greater focus on translational efficacy and partnerships to improve the potential for impact and scale.

The Impact Research Grants will prioritise research projects that generate new and relevant evidence for direct application and impact on health promotion policy and practice in Victoria for optimal public benefit.

Research Priorities

In response to the recommendation of the review that VicHealth should be more targeted in its research investments, the research priorities for the Impact Research Grants will take on a more narrow focus compared to previous research funding rounds.

To be considered for funding, research proposals MUST address one of the research priorities outlined in the Impact Research Grant Guidelines.


VicHealth will provide up to $200,000 over two years for each project. Up to five (5) projects may be funded in this round. VicHealth funding will commence in June 2019.

Obligations of Successful Applicants

Successful applicants are required to complete a number of reporting and knowledge translation activities. These requirements are outlined in the Grant Guidelines.

Who can apply?

Applications must be submitted from researchers at an eligible administering research institution (a university or a research institution linked to a university). The research must be led by a researcher from an eligible research institution. The administrating organisation can be based interstate however the research project must be wholly conducted in Victoria, and benefit Victorians.

Applications that can demonstrate established partnerships with policy makers and/or practitioners will be considered favourably. We encourage other organisations including local councils, policy makers and practitioners to partner with a researcher from an eligible research institution.

VicHealth considers the term practitioner to encompass a broad range of organisations and positions across sectors and is someone who works with, or has the opportunity to work with, the community to promote health and/or prevent chronic disease.


Important documents


What does it cover?

Impact Research Grants Guidelines

Applicants MUST read the Guidelines before submitting an application to ensure that their research proposal is relevant to the stated research priorities. These Guidelines detail important information, and outline the terms and conditions specific to this funding round.


On 7 February 2019 a change was made to information about conflicts of interest in the ‘Other Criteria’ and the ‘Funding from the tobacco industry , alcohol industry and/or other like bodies’ sections of the Impact Research Grants Guidelines. Please ensure you access/refer to a copy of the guidelines downloaded after 7 February 2019. Please email if further clarity about conflicts of interest is required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of frequently asked questions relating to this grant round.

Standard Funding Agreement Terms and Conditions

Successful applicants are required to enter into VicHealth’s Standard Funding Agreement, and comply with these terms and conditions.

Funding Information For All Applicants

Applicants applying for funding from VicHealth are recommended to read the general terms and conditions. All VicHealth funded projects are expected to meet these general terms and conditions.

VicHealth Website Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to the website (Website), which is operated by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, a statutory authority established under the Tobacco Act 1987 (Vic) (VicHealth).

Important dates




Opening date for Full Applications

9am, Friday 1 February 2019

Closing date for Full Applications

12pm, Wednesday 13 March 2019

Internal review process

March 2019

Peer review process

April 2019


May 2019

Announcement of successful projects

May 2019

Commencement of VicHealth funding

May/June 2019


For all enquiries, please email