Last updated: 16 Oct, 2019

VicHealth is investing half a million dollars to deliver and evaluate interventions in male social worlds where risky drinking cultures are commonplace.

The Men’s Risky Drinking Cultures project will fund three projects to develop, design and deliver interventions – over 24 months – that raise awareness of and shift the elements of practice that influence men’s risky drinking.

The Men’s Risky Drinking Cultures project is underpinned by qualitative research which was undertaken to better understand the social worlds where men are drinking alcohol at risky levels, the elements that influence and reinforce risky drinking and whether and how amenable those elements are to change.

The grant funding is part of the next stage of VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Initiative, an evidence-based approach to changing cultures of risky drinking within social worlds in Victoria. Underpinning this initiative is the Alcohol Cultures Framework, which is a planning tool for those with an interest in reducing harms from alcohol products.


Current projects

Animating alcohol culture change amongst male hospitality students and workers – Monash University

Monash University will partner with Chisholm TAFE to develop and deliver a co-designed and animated multimedia campaign to address cultures of risky drinking among male hospitality students and hospitality staff that mentor them in workplace settings. The intervention will operate in all three areas outlined in the Alcohol Cultures Framework, including ‘settings’, ‘skills’ and ‘shared meanings’. In so doing, the project attempts to cultivate skills, workplace settings and norms that facilitate low risk-drinking, alternative post-work practices and care.


Raise the Bar: lifting our game to reduce risky drinking – Knox City Council

This project will work with sporting clubs to understand men’s risky drinking behaviours and explore opportunities to set good foundations for a healthier club culture. Through an analysis of current club practices to better understand risky drinking behaviours, the project aims to positively influence organisational and cultural change through a range of co-designed interventions.


We can work it out: Building healthier men’s alcohol cultures in Wyndham

This project aims to support men in Wyndham to engage in healthier alcohol consumption by understanding and influencing the formal rules, social norms, practices, values and beliefs that influence their drinking. The project will gain insights through storytelling and targeted discussions, then design and implement activities to improve men’s alcohol cultures.