Last updated: 09 Dec, 2020

Congratulations to our Reimagining Health Grants recipients.

The VicHealth grants team is thrilled to announce the 460 individual organisations who have been offered a Reimagining Health grant to support their local community rebuild after the coronavirus pandemic. Sharing in over $3.9 million dollars in funding, these recipients will help support their community through locally-led and owned health solutions.

To find local organisations near you, check out our full list of grant recipients here (XLSX, 97 KB)


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Will I receive feedback on your application, if unsuccessful?

When is VicHealth holding the next grant round?

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Will you receive feedback on an application if unsuccessful?

VicHealth Reimagining Health Grants are extremely competitive, and we received far more eligible applications than can be funded. Due to such high volumes, many applicants will be unsuccessful. Generalised feedback will be provided on notification to unsuccessful applicants; however, we are unable to provide individualised feedback.



When is VicHealth holding the next grant round?

VicHealth is still planning its next grant round – so we don’t have details to share just yet.

You can register for our e-bulletin to hear about VicHealth grant rounds as soon as they are announced. Please go to ‘Stay Updated’ to register for our e-bulletin (top right hand section of this page).




Frequently asked questions

I applied early and I haven’t heard back yet – why?

VicHealth will not have a clear picture of which applications have been unsuccessful until the final round of assessment is complete. Approvals will be done in smaller numbers at the start and increase as time goes on, culminating in the largest number of approvals at the end to ensure we don’t miss funding great applications that come in at last-minute. The benefit of applying early is that there is a chance that funding can be turned around sooner than applications received at the end, however, early approval is not guaranteed; some applications that came in within the first week may be approved in the final stage of assessment which will be completed in late November. So, our advice was to submit the best application you can, as early as you can.


I did not receive a notification email from VicHealth, can I follow up?

VicHealth will notify you of the outcome of your application by email. You can expect to hear back from VicHealth in mid-December. If you do not receive an email, make sure you check your junk/spam folder. You can contact us to follow up after mid-December: [email protected]


Can I speak to someone at VicHealth about my application?

We are not in a position to provide individualised feedback on applications. If you have feedback or questions for VicHealth - other than feedback on an application - we  encourage you to send this to us in writing to [email protected].


When will payments be made to successful applicants?

Payments to successful grant applicants will be made as soon as possible once the relevant agreement has been signed and VicHealth as received information it needs to process the payment. VicHealth will not be in a position to tailor payment dates for individual applications.