Last updated: 22 Sep, 2020

Apply early and you could receive funding ahead of those who wait for the closing date.

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, protecting our health and wellbeing is more important than ever. To respond swiftly, and support Victorians effectively, VicHealth has listened to our stakeholders and reimagined our upcoming grant round to identify and address the needs of people in our community who are facing the greatest challenges with their health and wellbeing.


That’s why we’ve redesigned and amplified our upcoming grant round to address the immediate needs of our community and increased our available funding pool of $2.5 million. VicHealth is offering grants of up to $3K, $10K or $50K for local organisations who can support young people (aged 0-25 years) or Victorians experiencing disadvantage, by creating meaningful social connection, providing opportunities for physical activity or by addressing food security issues.


We understand how challenging it has been for local organisations during the pandemic, which is why we’ve simplified our grant applications and sped up our assessment process so successful organisations can get the support they need to make a difference in their communities asap.


These grants merge previous funding rounds into one, replacing regular VicHealth funding opportunities such as Active Club Grants and Partnership grants so that all local organisations who can create meaningful social connection, opportunities for physical activity and address food security can apply.


We want to inspire new or support existing ideas for a project as well as help amplify a project or idea that is already in place in order to reach more Victorians that reimagine health and wellbeing in 2020 and 2021.


Reimagining Health: A VicHealth Grant

The new grants are called Reimagining Health Grants to inspire application ideas that reimagine health and wellbeing in 2020 and 2021.


Download: VicHealth Reimagining Health Grant Guidelines (PDF, 160 KB)


Download: Reimagining Health grant priorities: Definitions and hints for applicants  (PDF, 146 KB)


Watch: The online briefing recording from 15 September


Information in other languages:

Simplified Chinese - Grant Guidelines and Definitions and Hints for Applicants (ZIP, 719 KB)

Vietnamese - Grant Guidelines and Definitions and Hints for Applicants (ZIP, 206 KB)


Coming soon: Guidelines translated into Italian, Greek, and Arabic


Get ready to apply:

What will we fund?

How much money can you get?

Who can apply?

When will applications close?

When can you expect to hear back/ get funding?

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Frequently asked questions


What will we fund?


We researched what would make the greatest difference to the health and wellbeing of Victorians in 2020 and 2021. This is what we found out, so this is what we’ll fund:


  • What do Victorians need? Social connection, physical activity and food security. Your project/idea must cover at least one of these priority areas. Learn more about what kind of ideas we’ll fund in in our Grant Guidelines document.

  • When do they need it? Now – ASAP – and throughout 2021. You must deliver your idea between November 2020 and November 2021.

  • Who needs it most? Young people and Victorians experiencing disadvantage have been the most significantly impacted by 2020 events. Your project/idea must support these priority groups to be considered for funding. See our Grant Guidelines document for more information.

  • Where can our funding make the most difference? Local Victorian communities.

  • How can you help? On 16 September, register via our new VicHealth Community Portal, then fill in our new, streamlined application form (takes roughly 30 minutes).

  • Questions? Read our Grant Guidelines, watch our Briefing session from 15 September (coming soon), and review FAQs below. If you still have questions get in touch at [email protected]



How much funding can you get?


Each applicant can apply for one of three funding options:

  1. Up to $3,000

  2. Up to $10,000

  3. Up to $50,000

The total funding pool is up to $2.5 million.



Who can apply?


Community, sporting, cultural, recreational, creative and other not-for-profit organisations planning to undertake activity in Victoria are encouraged to apply.


To be eligible, organisations must have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered as one of the following organisation types:

▪ Incorporated body (legal name commonly includes ‘Association’ or ‘Cooperative’ or ‘Inc.’)

▪ Company limited by guarantee (legal name commonly includes ‘Ltd.’), or;

▪ Victorian Local Government Entity

This includes current or past recipients of VicHealth funding as well as organisations that have not previously received a grant from VicHealth.


For this funding opportunity, VicHealth cannot fund: Organisations with links to tobacco industry, individual/sole trader business types, for-profit organisations and government entities (except Victorian Local Government).


There are many different legal structures of organisations in Australia and we are unable to provide advice on whether organisations are eligible based on their legal structure.


If you apply for funding, your organisation must be one of the eligible organisation types. So please make sure you refer to the criteria outlined in the grant guidelines before applying.



When will applications close?


While applications close on Tuesday 27 October (11:59pm), if you apply as soon as they open on 16 September, your application could be assessed and notified early. Meaning you could receive funding ahead of those who wait until the closing date.


We can’t stress this enough. Apply early for the fastest outcome.



When can you expect to hear back/ get funding?


There will be multiple rounds of assessments and approvals. Early applicants with outstanding ideas could receive funding in November, ahead of those who wait until the application closing date, whose funding will be processed in December. Apply ASAP for a chance of earlier turnaround.



Apply now


Click the button below to register via our new VicHealth Stakeholder Portal. You can then fill in our new, streamlined Reimagining Health grants application form (takes roughly 30 minutes).

apply now

Note: For best results, use the Google Chrome browser to access the portal.

Download: VicHealth Stakeholder Portal user guide

Download: Application questions: Reimagining Health: A VicHealth Partnership Grant

Download: Reimagining Health grant application form guide

If you apply early, you could be assessed and notified early. Meaning you could receive funding ahead of those who wait until the closing date.


We can’t stress this enough. Apply early for the fastest outcome.


Frequently asked questions

Can I submit supporting documentation?

No - we do not require supporting documentation. We're trying to make the application process as easy as possible, and the assessment panel will not be able to review any supporting documents. If you have information that is worthy to include to help support your application, then please include it in your written responses to the application questions.


Can an organisation apply more than once?

Yes – provided each application presents a unique, distinct idea, an organisation can submit more than one application. Multiple applications won’t necessarily increase chance of success. We’d emphasise quality over quantity, but the application process is easy and we want great ideas coming in, so we won’t be limiting organisations to just one chance at submitting one idea.


If my application is unsuccessful, can we reapply?

VicHealth will not have a clear picture of which applications have been unsuccessful until the final round of assessment. Approvals will be done in smaller numbers at the start and increase as time goes on, culminating in the largest number of approvals at the end to ensure we don’t miss funding great applications that come in at last-minute. The benefit of applying early is that there is a chance that funding can be turned around sooner than applications received at the end, however, early approval is not guaranteed; some applications that come in within the first week may be approved in the final stage of assessment which will be completed in November. Our advice is to submit the best application you can, as early as you can.


How can we account for Covid-19 restrictions? Should we be focusing on delivering projects in 2021, e.g. an event planned for 2021?

COVID restrictions pose obvious challenges, however, we wouldn’t rule out all ideas that are planned around the easing of restrictions. We expect to see some applications that can be adapted and delivered during tougher restrictions. VicHealth will expect all grant recipients to follow public health advice, including adoption of COVID-safe methods for delivery.


We do get many enquiries about whether we fund one-off events. One-off events typically don't create lasting benefit to participants or community, however, if you can make a case for sustained benefit directly as a result of the event, we are open to considering this alongside all other ideas. Keep in mind that projects must be delivered before 30 November 2021.


If the focus is on social connection, is it ok for the grant to target an older age-group (e.g. seniors)?
No - Your application must address the two priority groups outlined in the Guidelines. Please review this document available on our webpage for detailed definitions: Reimagining Health grant priorities: Definitions and hints for applicants.

We are accepting applications that support better health and wellbeing for:

• Victorian children and young people (aged 0–25); and/or

• Victorian population groups fighting an uphill battle: those experiencing disadvantage or barriers to enjoying a healthy life.


Please describe sustained activity. Should a weekly activity be run every week for 2, 6 or 9 months? What sort of time frame? Your funds are for 12 months.

We don’t define sustained activity, but lasting benefits are more likely when there are multiple contact points or interactions with participants, rather than through one-off events. Whilst grant recipients will have 12 months to implement their idea, some projects may be completed sooner and within a shorter time-frame, for example over a school term or sporting or cultural season. We encourage you to think about the best time to deliver the idea and applicants can indicate their proposed start and end dates in the application form.


Can I speak to someone at VicHealth about my idea?

In fairness to all applicants we cannot provide any feedback on individual ideas or specific program ideas. We encourage you to submit, if you’re from an eligible organisation and your idea meets the criteria in our guidelines. If you have questions after reading the available resources, please get in touch at [email protected]