Last updated: 24 Nov, 2021

Congratulations to our newest funding recipients

Congratulations to the successful grant recipients from the latest round of Reimagining Health: A VicHealth Partnership Grant.

In March 2021, VicHealth invited organisations including arts or cultural organisations, sports and recreation clubs, and community groups to apply. Funding projects support children and young people (aged 0-25 years) and Victorians hardest hit by the impacts of coronavirus and the Victorian bushfires. Including those already facing greater barriers to reaching their full health potential because of circumstances such as their income, cultural background, gender, age or where they live.
Over the two Reimagining Health: A VicHealth Partnership Grant rounds, over 700 local and grassroots community organisations to create and deliver locally-led solutions. For a full list of our latest grant recipients click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the briefing session recording View more

For those who were unable to attend, or those who want to watch again, the recording are here:

What is my contract View more
  • Grants $10,001 or above are required to sign a Funding Agreement.
  • Grants up to $10,000 are required to sign a Letter of Offer.

This is the document which outlines your grant requirements. VicHealth also outlined these requirements in the grant guidelines.

I need a signed copy of my contract View more

Adobe Sign will automatically send you a PDF version of your contract once it is signed.

Contact VicHealth if you need a copy by emailing [email protected] with your grant code. We will send you a grant code for your successful grant application, when we get in touch with the outcome of your application. If unsure, you can refer to your Project Title and organisation name when contacting VicHealth.

The format of the code is OPP-xxxx.

Understand how to promote your Reimagining Health Grant View more

The Grants Team has developed a Social Media Pack to provide you with an overview of how you can promote your grant through your network and on social media, including how to access the Reimagining Health logo badges.

If you need any information in the meantime, please email your request to [email protected] or if you are looking to promote an event, or have taken images you can email them through as well.

If you have a logo specific question you can contact [email protected] and request use of the Reimagining Health Grants asset.

If you share any great content on your social media, tag the VicHealth team in using @VicHealth and use our hashtag #ReimaginingHealthGrants

How do I submit an aquittal View more

For grants below $10,000 – VicHealth will contact you and advise if you are required to participate in an acquittal. In the meantime, keep records of how you are spending your grant funds which you can produce, if requested. 

For grants above $10,001, refer to the Acquittal template for what you are required to include. Instructions will be provided by VicHealth closer to the due date of your Financial Acquittal.

How do I submit a Target Population Form View more

See this updated guide for instructions (PDF file).

All recipients of a Reimagining Health Grant are required to submit this form to VicHealth.

How to complete this form was demonstrated at the online Grants – Getting Started Session.

If you missed the session you can watch the recording for:


How do I submit my progress report View more

Download the template here for a preview of the Progress Report questions.  

The steps for submitting a progress report are as follows: 

  1. Progress Reports are submitted via the Portal.
  2. In the Portal, click the More dropdown button on the top right and select ‘My Reports’
  3. In the My Reports section, click the dropdown in the middle of the page to select ‘Draft Reports’ and view all draft reports.
  4. Once you can see the progress report click on the dropdown on the right and click ‘Edit’
  5. You can now complete the progress report. Once you have finished and get to the end click ‘Submit’. This will send the progress report to VicHealth and send you an email to confirm your submission.
  6. You can view your submission by clicking the dropdown in the middle of the page and selecting ‘Submitted Reports’. Then click on the dropdown of the right of the submitted report and select ‘View’ to view your submission. 
How will my grant be paid? View more

Payment will be made to the bank details provided at the time of application.

Please note, VicHealth may contact you by phone to confirm these bank details.

For grants below $10,000, your grant payment will be processed by VicHealth after you accept your Letter of Offer. For grants above $10,001, refer to the payment and milestone schedule outlined in your Funding Agreement.

VicHealth’s finance team will send you a remittance advice once your payment has been processed. This will be sent to the email address you provided for your organisation.

What is required for the final report View more

If you received over $10k in funding, see the template here for a preview of your Final Report questions.

If you received under $10k in funding, see the template here for a preview of your Final Report questions.

VicHealth will provide you with a reminder and instructions on completing your Final Report closer to your due date.