The Victorian Government released its gender equality strategy, Safe and Strong, in 2016, outlining its commitment to a Gender Equality Act and creating a new prevention agency. VicHealth continues to share its experience and knowledge to support the development of these initiatives with the adoption of gender as one of our three priorities, providing a broader commitment to address the drivers of family violence. 

With research uncovering the importance of gender equality in fostering healthier and more cohesive communities, VicHealth’s approach and actions to improve gender equality are outlined in its strategy, Gender equality, health and wellbeing strategy 2017–19, launched in 2017. 

Prevention of violence against women

Over the last decade, VicHealth has used a public health approach to invest in the primary prevention of violence against women. We have worked with partners from a range of sectors to build policy, undertake research and implement programs that promote equal and respectful relationships between men and women. We are now working to ensure that our collective body of knowledge is used to inform the work of a growing number of organisations committed to preventing violence against women.