At VicHealth, we are committed to ensuring a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. This commitment is based, in part, on the need to ensure that our organisation complies with equal opportunity laws. We are also committed to providing a safe and pleasant working environment for all employees and encouraging good working relationships between employees.

VicHealth will endeavour to ensure that in the application of all company policies, practices and procedures, no discrimination takes place and that all employees enjoy equal access to opportunities within the organisation. The basis of employment decisions is the individual merit of employees. 

VicHealth will also endeavour to ensure that no sexual, racial or other harassment occurs in the workplace. 

VicHealth is committed to achieving the following Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) objectives:
  • to ensure all employees are treated fairly 
  • to fully utilise and develop the potential of every employee 
  • to keep all policies and procedures consistent with EEO principles 
  • to augment employee morale and motivation by increasing staff confidence in the fairness of our human resource practices and access to employment opportunities 
  • to ensure achievement of our objectives through our EEO program which includes the training of staff on EEO and related issues