Leading Thinkers initiative

VicHealth developed the Leading Thinkers initiative to make international thought leadership in behavioural insights practical and accessible for Victoria. Our first Leading Thinker was Dr David Halpern of the UK Behavioural Insights Team. His residency brought new knowledge about ‘what works’ in getting people to change their health behaviour.

Seven behavioural trials were designed for delivery by VicHealth and our partners. Within 12 to 15 months, some trials have achieved significant results, and all have provided new insight into how we can use human behaviour to inform policy and practice.

In 2015, with guidance from our Leading Thinker, we convened Victoria’s Citizens’ Jury on Obesity. This saw 100 ‘everyday Victorians’ deliver a consensus view on the 20 recommendations, or ‘asks,’ that – if implemented – would enable Victorians to eat better.

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