In September 2015, we opened the VicHealth Innovation Research Grant round, a highly regarded grant which provides an opportunity for research teams to trial an innovative idea, research a new concept or methodology, or develop better supporting evidence relevant to the theory, policy and practice in health promotion.

This round resulted in $800,000 funding for four projects over two years until 2018.

We also opened a National Health and Medical Research Centre Partnership Project Grant round in which we gave in principle support as an industry partner to three projects, for a total of $450,000. The full applications are awaiting the final funding decision from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Healthy Living apps

Around two in five Australians trust health and wellbeing apps for information about being healthy. Our Healthy Living Apps Guide provides an independent rating of over 200 apps – reviewed between May and August 2015 – for healthy eating, physical activity, reducing harm from smoking and alcohol, and improving mental wellbeing. As well as reviewing the potential effectiveness of apps, we have rated them and will update those ratings annually.

VicHealth Indicators Survey

The VicHealth Indicators Survey 2015 provides information at both state and local government levels to assist with strategic planning and policy development. Information will help community leaders make informed decisions and plan more effectively. Data will also be used to monitor VicHealth’s progress, specifically the achievement of the three-year priorities and 10-year goals of the VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion.

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