Last updated: 24 Aug, 2017

The entire VicHealth family was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Fiona Richardson Minister for Women and Prevention of Family Violence.

Fiona was a fearless advocate for women and children who had experienced the terrible toll of family violence, giving a voice to those who have too often been silenced.

She was the first Victorian Minister for Family Violence and achieved so much to advance this important cause including overseeing the Royal Commission into Family violence and developing the state’s first prevention and gender equality strategies.

Fiona also had the courage to share her own personal story, shining light on the devastating impact of violence against women. Her bravery and commitment cannot be overstated.

There is of course still much to be done to end family violence and we must all continue to build on Fiona’s incredible legacy.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Fiona’s family and her colleagues. Fiona touched the lives of so many in our community and she will be deeply missed.