14 Oct, 2016 Last updated: 07 Nov, 2018

Letter-to-editor by Dr Bruce Bolam, VicHealth Executive Manager of Programs

First published in The Ballarat Courier, 14 October 2016

Did you know 95% of Aussie adults don’t eat the recommended serves of vegies?

We’re often told that a healthy diet requires everything in moderation. But the good news is vegies are one food group that, as a population, we really need to eat more of! 

That’s why VicHealth is celebrating National Nutrition Week from October 16-22 and encouraging Victorians to take the Try for Five Challenge.

Try eating five serves of vegetables a day, as recommended in the national guidelines, and see how much better you feel overall. 


These days we’re lucky enough to have access to a huge variety of delicious vegies. Fresh, frozen or canned – have fun with new varieties or incorporate a simple twist into tried and true family favourites like adding kidney beans to spaghetti Bolognese or toss plenty of colourful veg like capsicum, carrot, broccoli and eggplant into a stir fry. 

You can also try adding diced vegetables like spinach, mushrooms and zucchini into omelettes for a big flavour hit and to drive up your vegie intake. 

Visit www.nutritionaustralia.org for more recipes and tips on how you can take the Try for Five Challenge.

- Dr Bruce Bolam, VicHealth Executive Manager of Programs

Bruce Bolam