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  • 14.07.2020 Amid global chaos, what is the future for prevention? Former Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon will join a panel of experts discussing ‘where next for prevention’, at a webinar this week ...spearhead tobacco control in Australia for decades and is a former CEO of VicHealth, said he has never before seen “closer ...… Croakey
  • 07.07.2020 5 Habits You Developed In Iso That You'll Massively Benefit From Long-Term If You Keep 'Em Up - PEDESTRIAN.TV Whether it was cooking or working out at home, suss out how to keep up 5 habits you developed in iso that you'll continue to benefit from ...PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with VicHealth to help you through the uncertainty of 2020. Without regular distractions clouding our...… Pedestrian TV
  • 06.07.2020 Five ways we can reimagine our streets for our health As families embrace the joys of walking and cycling in their neighbourhoods, how can we use the shake-up from coronavirus as an is part of the Life and Health Re-imagined series hosted by VicHealth on how we can create a healthier, more sustainable, ...… RMIT University
  • 06.07.2020 Slow-motion pandemic of non-communicable diseases - InSight+ WHILE the world mounts a rapid, unprecedented and justifiably massive response to the global coronavirus pandemic, one chronic pandemic ...term, not just one free from COVID-19. Dr Sandro Demaio is the CEO of VicHealth, and the co-host of ABC’s Ask the Doctor. Edwin ...… Insight Plus
  • 29.06.2020 Living locally and reclaiming the streets: what are the health equity considerations? VicHealth is putting the spotlight on local communities and urban design this week as part of its Life and Health ReImagined initiative. ...Excellence in Healthy Liveable Communities, will be a panelist on Thursday’s VicHealth webinar, part of its Life and Health Re-...… Croakey

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