Podcast Podcast 16 Nov, 2022

Do you have the best intentions for your health, but sometimes feel there are roadblocks in your way? Something working against you, that you just can’t put your finger on?

Whether you’re navigating the maze of food labelling, struggling to connect with others or finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep - you’re not alone.  

This new season of In Good Health examines the challenges we face when trying to live a healthy life, and how we can tackle these obstacles head on. Together.

Join Dr Sandro Demaio – medical doctor, public health expert, VicHealth CEO and co-host of Magda’s Big National Health Check alongside a range of health experts and community voices as we explore solutions you can take into your own hands.








Dr Sandro Demaio

Hear that? It’s the sound of mine, and many people’s start to the day, an early morning walk. A chance to clear the head and reset. But like some, it doesn’t happen everyday. 

Dr Sandro Demaio

You know, life gets in the way. We all have those days where it’s all just a bit, overwhelming. You stayed up way past your bedtime, that triple shot coffee from the afternoon is just kicking in. Or you might just have a lot on your mind lately. 

Tigist Kebede

Our local communities I just think, have gone through so much. 

Dr Sandro Demaio

Feeling burnout creep in? Or maybe it’s a bigger issue at play. 

Caroline Kell

Fifty percent of women all across the globe have recently experienced burnout. 

Dr Sandro Demaio

Perhaps you're confused about how to eat well when so many ads point to the fact that you're not. 


I would love to be able to cook cookies and muffins on a weekly basis, but as a single mum I find it really hard to find the time. 

Dr Sandro Demaio

I’m Dr. Sandro Demaio. In this season of In Good Health, we’ll take a closer look at some of the barriers impacting healthy eating, burn out and more. 

Tigist Kebede

Stress is biological, it helps us kind of function and do tasks. 

Dr Sandro Demaio

I’ll talk to the experts – and people in the community – trying to navigate how we can all enjoy good health. 


 Sugars, seven point two grams 

 Dr Sandro Demaio

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