While most Victorians drink responsibly, harmful levels of drinking have detrimental health, social and economic impacts across the community (Shield et al. 2013, Victorian Auditor-General’s Office 2012, WHO 2011a; 2011b).

A comprehensive and multi-faceted approach is needed to encourage more Victorians to drink less alcohol and foster a drinking culture that prevents alcohol-related harm, and supports moderation. VicHealth supports legislative and whole-of-population approaches to reduce the harm from alcohol, and targeted interventions that address risky drinking.

To achieve these objectives, the following areas of action should be investigated:

  • Effectively regulate the location of alcohol outlets through legislation and policies, including ensuring that public health concerns are prioritised in planning decisions.
  • Introduce a tax based on alcohol content to encourage consumption and production of lower-strength alcohol products, with a share of this tax allocated to alcohol prevention, treatment and research.
  • Two young women in the street
  • Regulate alcohol marketing and advertising by developing a comprehensive legislative framework, including banning advertisements during live television broadcasts in children’s popular viewing times, and incremental reductions in alcohol sponsorship of sports and cultural events.
  • Utilise settings such as workplaces and sports clubs for interventions to prevent alcohol-related harm and support healthy drinking behaviours.
  • Invest in evidence-based social marketing as one element of multifaceted alcohol harm reduction policies in Victoria.

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A snapshot of Victoria's alcohol culture

A summary of selected findings from an Australian-first population-wide survey to measure Victoria's alcohol culture, particularly among Victorians aged 16 years and older.

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