Last updated: 07 Mar, 2018

The VicHealth Indicators Survey is a Victorian population-level survey conducted every four years. Selected findings from the VicHealth Indicators Survey 2015 were published in 2016. This report provides a closer look at the health and wellbeing of surveyed respondents based on their gender.

Download: VicHealth Indicators Survey 2015 Supplementary report: Gender (PDF, 745 KB) 


The VicHealth Indicators Survey 2015 is a Victorian community health and wellbeing survey. The survey collected information on a range of factors known to influence individual and community wellbeing including safety, mental wellbeing, physical activity, healthy eating and alcohol consumption.

This report analyses the responses to this survey through the lens of gender. The aim is to identify significant health and wellbeing issues experienced by women and men, so as to provide a foundation for actions to improve outcomes.