Last updated: 01 Jun, 2020

Use these resources to inform your audience about community health issues during coronavirus.




Victorians should act now to reduce the risk of infection from coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The situation is changing rapidly so please visit the Department of Health and Human Services website regularly for updated information.

Current measures on physical distancing: 

  • The message people need to hear: if you can stay at home – you must stay at home.

  • The only five reasons you should leave home are: 

    • To shop for food and supplies,

    • To exercise or for recreation, 

    • For medical care (or to assist someone else with their care),

    • Or to go to work or study (if you can’t do this from home),

    • Visiting friends and family – if you really need to.

Some restrictions have been cautiously eased so people can look after their own and others’ health, wellbeing and social connection. From 11.59pm on Sunday 31 May Victorians  are able to:

  • Have up to 20 family and friends at your home. For example, if you are a household of five people, you can 15 visitors.

  • Outdoor gatherings of up to  20 people can happen for non-contact sport and recreation in public settings, such as National, State and public parks. The 20 person limit is inclusive of your household. That means for a family of five, you can be in a group with 15 people from outside your household.

  • Small gatherings of up to 20  people can occur at some indoor facilities such as places of worship and community centres – along with those required to run the facilities. The four-square metre rule applies in these settings.         

  •  And we must keep at least 1.5 metres from other people and practise good hand hygiene.  If you feel unwell, even if you have tested negative for coronavirus, you must stay home.



Disability information hotline

The Australian Government is providing information and referrals for people with disability and their supporters about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Contact the Disability Information Helpline on 1800 643 787.

It’s available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (AEST) and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 7pm (AEST). It’s not available on national public holidays

For more information, click here.




Click here to access information from the National Asthma Council Australia about asthma and coronavirus.

Asthma Australia has information about asthma and coronavirus.

Click here to access information about the flu shot and asthma.

You can also download asthma resources here and Asthma Action plans here.



Cancer Council Victoria provides updates about coronavirus and cancer. Click here to access information in English, or click here to access multi-lingual fact sheets.

Quit have answers to some frequently asked questions for both consumers and for health professionals.

Click here to access an exercise guide from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute designed for people living with cancer during coronavirus.



Click here to access the information pack from Diabetes Victoria. They have also released this informative podcast.

Click here to download information form NDSS regarding managing worry about coronavirus and diabetes.

Click here to access an exercise guide from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute designed for people living with diabetes during coronavirus.

Diabetes Australia's Be Healthy hub provides information, support and tips to help you stay well during the coronavirus pandemic - specifically for people with diabetes.

The video below encourages people living with diabetes to get vaccinated against the flu.



Heart disease

Click here to access Heart Foundation Australia's information about coronavirus and heart disease.

Click here to access an exercise guide from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute designed for people living with heart disease during coronavirus.



Click here for information from Hepatitis Victoria about coronavirus for people living with liver health conditions.




Click here to see coronavirus information from the Stroke Foundation

Click here to learn about telehealth options

Click here to access shareable content on how to spot the signs of a stroke.

Useful tools

LGBTI+ resources

ACON has updates about coronavirus and what it means for people from sexuality and gender diverse communities and people living with HIV.


Impact of obesity on COVID-19 outcomes

The Obesity Evidence Hub has studies that examine the links between obesity and coronavirus outcomes.




 Asset Institution  Description

Heart disease informational poster

Heart Foundation   Posters providing information on coronavirus and heart disease.
 10 Tips on how to look after your teeth while staying at home Dental Health Services Victoria  Fact sheet on maintaining oral health during coronavirus. You can also access a list of dental clinics here.