08 Aug, 2012 Last updated: 15 Nov, 2014

This study reports on the nature of alcohol sponsorship of clubs in Australia and studies the ways in which a government buy-out may help to reduce the financial dependency on such sponsorships.


Resource 1: Survey of alcohol sponsorship of Good Sports clubs (0.98MB)
Resource 2: Appendix A - Final Survey (36KB)

Alcohol sponsorship is common in Australian sport at all levels, from elite to community sport. Such sponsorships provides an alcohol company the opportunity to promote their products in various ways, from naming rights, to logos on team uniforms to signage. Such sponsorships have raised concern on the impact on players’, supporters’ and spectators’ drinking practices.

There is evidence that such advertising and promotion influences individuals’ drinking attitudes and behaviours, and reinforces drinking messages.

This project aimed to increase the understanding of the nature and extent of alcohol sponsorship in Australian sports, quantify the sponsorship in community sports clubs and gauge attitudes towards a government buy-out of the sponsorship. The findings show that there are complexities in the nature of these sponsorships and that clubs have concerns over the long-term financial sustainability of this approach. It makes recommendations for considerations of a buy-out proposal and for further research for a fuller understanding of the impacts of alcohol sponsorship in community sporting clubs.