14 Jul, 2015 Last updated: 07 Dec, 2018

Equal Footing is a new toolkit for workplaces to promote gender equality and respectful relationships. The toolkit was developed with funding from the Victorian Government and trialled in a variety of sectors including hospitality, engineering, finance, publishing and not-for-profit family services.

We know that attitudes which support a lack of equality and respect are linked with increased risk for women – and that the workplace is an effective setting for changing these attitudes more broadly. 

But many workplaces don’t know how to get started with improving equality for women and men in their organisation. 

In 2014-2015 VicHealth worked with EnMasse and eight pilot workplaces to explore new ways of building gender equality and respectful relationships. The pilot program focused on raising awareness of our biases, the ways in which gender stereotypes undermine both men and women in the workplace and techniques to step up as a bystander and help achieve organisation-wide change.

The Equal Footing toolkit is a practical guide for leaders, teams and individuals to drive change in their workplace. The first booklet describes the steps you can take to start the Equal Footing program and includes all the materials you will need to start the conversations. The second booklet puts the latest tip-sheets and resources at your fingertips. The posters can be used around your workplace after your Equal Footing program has commenced.

For further information about this toolkit and other training materials, please contact VicHealth.

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