Last updated: 26 Jul, 2016

VicHealth conducted an equity focused health impact assessment (EFHIA) of the Walk to School 2016 program to find out how accessible it would be for rural and regional communities.

Download the summary: Equity focused health impact assessment Walk to School 2016 (PDF, 411 KB)

Download the full report: Equity focused health impact assessment Walk to School 2016 (PDF, 713 KB)

Equity focused health impact assessments (EFHIAs) use health impact assessment methodology to consider the potential impacts of a decision, program or policy before it is implemented. This is so it can be modified to ensure more equitable outcomes. These documents describe the process and outcomes of the Walk to School EFHIA. They provide an insight into how an EFHIA can be delivered, and the benefits to the program or policy being assessed. They also provide valuable information about active travel in regional and rural communities, and how this can be supported by VicHealth, local councils and other stakeholders through programs like Walk to School.