19 Aug, 2022 Last updated: 31 Aug, 2022

This project has demonstrated the effectiveness of a partnership model for promoting gender equality through the arts which allows for a localised implementation

Download: Gender Equality Through the Arts: Program Evaluation Full Report

Download: Summary Case Studies Report

Collectively, the projects funded by the GEARTS grant programs have successfully promoted gender equality by:

  • raising awareness and discussion of gender inequality;
  • providing new perspectives on gender roles;
  • highlighting the strength, capability and contribution of women; and
  • providing opportunities and role models for young women and women of marginalized groups.

The goals of the VicHealth GEARTS Grants Program were to support Councils and their partners and communities with the development of creative arts initiatives that:

  • Raise awareness, engage with and progress contemporary ideas about gender equality and the gendered drivers of violence against women,
  • Celebrate and promote Victorian women and girls as independent leaders, and as equal, capable, and valued members of the community,
  • Improve the social connection, resilience and mental wellbeing of participants, and their sense of safety in their communities,
  • Increase the capacity of Local Government to build partnerships with arts and corporate organisations to act on gender equality using the arts, and
  • Build the evidence base on what works in the arts to promote gender equality for mental wellbeing.