Last updated: 07 Jun, 2018

This research project explores policy interventions to protect Australia’s food security in the face of increasing environmental sustainability challenges.

Download: Australian food supply scenarios: Implications for policy and practice (PDF, 906 KB)

A scenario modelling approach was used to explore potential environmental, economic and food availability impacts associated with Australia’s current dietary patterns. Results indicated that the average Australian diet is neither healthy, nor environmentally sustainable. A population wide shift towards dietary patterns consistent with Australia’s dietary guideline recommendations would promote health as well as environmental sustainability. A food systems approach is essential for the development, implementation and evaluation of policies that promote food security and nutrition in an equitable manner.

This research project was funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant and conducted by researchers from Deakin University, the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University, in partnership with VicHealth, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and Hort Innovation.