5 May 2012 Last updated: 18 Dec, 2014

To gain access to age-standarised data for the VicHealth Indicators 2011 survey an application form must be completed.

Age standardisation is a statistical method that adjusts for age variation by applying a common (standard) age profile to all populations. Age-standardised rates should be used if you wish to make comparisons between different areas (e.g. LGAs).  

All data presented in VicHealth Indicators 2011 Survey reports (on this website) use crude rates (also known as non-standardised rates) to help inform localised planning, as crude rates give an indication of the “real situation”. However, crude rates are not appropriate for comparisons between geographic localities (for example, between individual LGAs), as estimates have not been age-standardised and differences may be due, in part, to differing age profiles.

To obtain age-standardised data, please complete an application form and email the completed form to VicHealth, a license agreement must also be signed.

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