09 Jul, 2020 Last updated: 14 Jul, 2020

VicHealth has explored a range of methodologies and approaches that can put us on a fast track to creating healthier outcomes for Victorians in a rapidly changing world.

Read more about these resources and how they are applied in practice at VicHealth below.

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Behavioural Insights

VicHealth has made a long-standing investment in Behavioural Insights (BI) application across a range of health promotion objectives. 

It is a proven approach to find out what works to change behaviour quickly, via short trials or interventions. Since 2013, VicHealth has worked with global experts in BI, through our Leading Thinkers Initiative to trial, test and share the approach and learnings in Victoria.

Learn more about Behavioral Insights in practice at VicHealth

Staying on Track Youth Forum

Participatory Methods

VicHealth sees great value in including the voice of everyday citizens, not only in our work, but also in informing mainstream policy & practices.

Also known as citizen engagement or public participation, this method is fast becoming best practice in Government agencies. VicHealth has successfully used Citizens’ Juries and Deliberative Forums

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Digital Technologies

VicHealth’s early exploration into digital technologies acknowledged the value of technology in people's lives.

We realised the best value add was in better understanding the digital world of healthy living apps.

Read more about Digital Technologies in practice at VicHealth

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Commercialisation at VicHealth included a consideration of the economic and social conditions of the target market and how the product or process can positively address individual and group differences in health status with the view to improving the lives of those living with disadvantage. 

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Collective Impact

Collective impact was identified and researched early in our innovation days, because of the value the model offers across sectors to solve big social problems.

Recently, we’ve found models, like our Bright Futures Collaboration, to have more utility and be more effective in bringing about change. This Collaboration of over 40 organisations, representing philanthropy, industry, community and youth organisations, are progressing the 11 ‘Asks’ from our Staying on Track Youth Forum.

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Dr Jeni Klugman

Big Data Analysis & Machine Learning

VicHealth has adopted machine learning techniques to analyse large databases of media articles to understand the way gender is portrayed in sports and business news reporting, and how obesity is portrayed in Australian print media.

Previous manual studies have been only able to examine samples of up to 500 articles. Machine learning now allows us to analyse millions of articles.

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Women's rugby team

Digital Storytelling

VicHealth has used Digital Storytelling to capture stories of everyday role models in community sport organisations to increase female sport participation.

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