Last updated: 03 Feb, 2017

VicHealth has identified five life stages that give insights for engaging Victorians in physical activity.

In 2015, VicHealth commissioned research to identify key segments of Victorians based on their levels and type of physical activity. The research found that there are five distinct ‘life stages’ which have common themes as well as unique attributes that influence physical activity behaviour. These stages are youth, young adults, parents, adults without children and retirees.

The research explores the attitudes and barriers to physical activity for Victorians at each life stages, and considers what would motivate them to change their existing behaviours.


Insights to engage Victorians in physical activity at different life stages (PDF, 104 KB)

Youth (PDF, 75 KB)

Young adults (PDF, 70 KB)

Parents (PDF, 78 KB)

Adults with no children (PDF, 87 KB)

Retirees (PDF, 91 KB)