13 May, 2015 Last updated: 06 May, 2021

The sodium in salt is linked to 1 in 20 deaths in Victoria, risks of high blood pressure and heart failure, stomach cancer and osteoporosis. Yet we consume more than 15,000 tonnes of salt a year.


State of Salt posterThe State of Salt poster (PDF, 3.5MB)
Supporting evidence document (PDF, 223KB)
Appendix C: Economic business case for salt reduction in Victoria (PDF, 292KB)

On average, Australian adults eat almost twice the recommended upper limit of salt intake. Around 75% of salt in our diet comes from processed food.

A Salt Reduction Strategic Partnership led by VicHealth will work to help reduce high salt intakes by:

  • developing a coordinated and collaborative approach
  • increasing public awareness on the recommended upper limit for salt intake
  • support policy and initiatives that ensure a healthier food supply 
  • work with food industry partners to find solutions to lowering salt in foods and meals 
  • undertake research and monitoring to ensure progress towards the salt reduction targets set by the World Health Organization