25 Aug, 2017 Last updated: 01 Jul, 2019

The VicHealth Alcohol Strategy 2016–2019 builds on our extensive experience in preventing harm from alcohol and highlights three key priority areas: alcohol culture, vulnerable groups and policy.

Download: VicHealth Alcohol Strategy 2016–2019 (PDF, 205 KB)

The new VicHealth Alcohol Strategy 2016–2019 is part of VicHealth’s organisational goal to have one million more Victorians with better health and wellbeing, including 200,000 more Victorians drinking less alcohol by 2023. 

The Strategy was launched on 9 August 2016 by Victorian Minister for Mental Health Martin Foley.

This strategy builds on our extensive experience in preventing harm from alcohol and highlights three priority areas:

  • de-normalise risky drinking in high-risk groups, settings and subcultures
  • better understand how we can reduce harm from alcohol in vulnerable groups
  • increase public, government and industry support for evidence-based alcohol control policies and practices.

We identified that focusing on alcohol culture change, was an important part of the preventing harm from alcohol.  For more information you can download the Alcohol Cultures Framework. Our priority focus for the next 3 years is therefore more people and environments that support effective reduction in harmful alcohol use.

With alcohol being the number one drug of most concern for the general community in Australia, consumption is generally stable (or slowly decreasing) but rates of problems and harm are increasing, we are focused on working with partners to take advantage of new opportunities and to tackle emerging challenges around the way groups of risky drinkers drink.

We look forward to working with our partners, to prevent harm from alcohol for all Victorians.


The following audio clips are from the VicHealth Alcohol Strategy launch on 9 August, 2016.